Cromartie pairs up with Jody to find Cameron.

"You're not cute. You're freakin' Silence of the Lambs FREAK!"
- Jody.

The Connors find themselves on high alert and in odd company after their house is robbed. Elsewhere, one Terminator terrorizes Ellison, while another gets dangerously close to John Connor. Meanwhile, Derek and Jesse continue to get acquainted.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

John and Riley shop together.

Derek, Sarah and Cameron are on the hunt for thieves.

Sarah and Cameron question Dr. Ostrowski.

Ellison interviewed by the detective.

John hides from Cromartie, shotgun in hand.

Sarah and Cameron confront some thieves.

Three of the four thieves that Cameron shoots.

The fourth thief spared by Sarah Connor.

The Connors find they have been robbed after Riley failed to re-arm the house's alarm system after sneaking out of John's room again. Because of the security risk should the police track it to them, they have to reclaim their goods and documents themselves. While John cleans up, the others eventually locate the stolen property. Meanwhile, Ellison meets a Terminator look-a-like of him. Just as it was about to terminate him, Cromartie stabs it with a long bar, ripping out its power supply, saying that Ellison is still essential to finding the Connors, and that Skynet has no faith in him.

At the halfway house, Cameron's picture is finally scanned into the system, which Cromartie picks up with his tracking software equipped laptop. He goes over, looking for Cameron, whom Jody recognizes, even identifying John's picture as her "brother" and revealing the Baum aliases. Cromartie claims to be Cameron's uncle, though Jody seriously doubts it, insisting he has a cop vibe. Together they investigate the grocery store where Cameron suffered her memory loss and miss John and Riley by a split-second.

Ellison is arrested for being suspect in Peter Myers's murder, because of an eyewitness report. The detective who interrogates Ellison has deduced that he was cracking up under survivor's guilt after losing his assault team in Hollywood. Asking for his lawyer, he eventually is seen by Catherine Weaver in the meeting room, where he discreetly asks for her help, as this entire event is a Terminator matter.

After looking all over LA, Cromartie grows tired of Jody's obnoxiousness and throws her out of the car. As he closes on the Connors' safe house by going door to door, he encounters the Connor's neighbor Kacy Cotton, who is immediately suspicious of him and alerts John. Riley diverts Cromartie, pretending that it is her house, and the Terminator finds no trace of John and leaves. He then gets a hit on Sarah's stolen credit card and traces it to a bowling alley, where three men have been killed by Cameron and Cromartie promises to protect the surviving criminal from Sarah in exchange for the location where they got the stuff.

As the detective investigating the implicated Ellison talks to the eyewitness, he draws out a statement that "Ellison" was seen to materialize out of thin air, naked, kill a man with little effort and take his clothes. Leading the witness into this psychologically damning testimony with hints about the formation of an energy bubble the detective (later revealed to be the morphed T-1001) brings the evidence before a judge who summarily declares the eyewitness a "nutjob" and Ellison is released. After a meeting with Weaver where they discuss his encounter with a doppelganger machine sent to kill him and Ellison's sense that he is being tested like the biblical Job, he contemplates his fate and clings to the last shreds of normalcy by lurking outside his ex-wife's house.

Confronted about the security risks posed by his continued relationship with Riley by Sarah and Cameron, John angrily vents at his mother, refusing to give up on anything resembling a normal life and demanding to know why she failed to protect him from having to take Sarkissian's life.

Characters[edit | edit source]

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Quotes[edit | edit source]

Ellison: Why? Aren't you on the same side?
Cromartie: Skynet does not believe in you like I do.
Ellison: Believe...what do you believe?
Cromartie: You will lead me to the Connors.

Sarah: So why didn't you say anything to him, to me, to her, anybody!.
Cameron: I have made my position on security quite clear.
(Sarah stares at Cameron)
Cameron: Nobody likes a nag.
Jody: Would it kill you to try to make a little conversation?
Cromartie: No, it wouldn't kill me.
Jody: Funny! You're funny.

Sarah: Fool's errands and the fathers of Nablus. It's been a great day.
Cameron: Brothers.
Sarah: What?
Cameron: Brothers of Nablus. Genesis, chapter 34.
Sarah: You've memorized the bible?
Cameron: Jacob's daughter Dinah is raped by Shechem, Prince of Nablus. He falls in love with her. Shechem's father comes to Jacob and strikes a bargin to allow his son to marry Dinah.
Sarah: That's brave of him.
Cameron: Jacob says yes, on the condition that all the men in Shechem's town be circumcised.
Sarah: Everybody gets what they want.
Cameron: Three days later while Shechem's men were still in pain from the circumcision, Dinah's brothers rode into the city and killed them all.
Sarah: It's your kind of story.
Cameron: Yes. My kind of story.
Riley: Admit it, I was a brave spooky ninja, it was totally badass. Say it! Just say it!
John: It was badass.

Cameron: My jacket. Give it to me.
Dave: Come and get it!
Cameron: (Cameron draws her gun) Come and give it to me.
John: Who was it?
Cameron: They won't be back.
Sarah: Place looks good.
John: Yeah, well, I think we pretty much got everything back to how it was.
Sarah: We?
John: Riley helped. So, how'd you find them? Was it Derek's fence, or what?
Sarah: You can't bring people here anymore, John.
John: What? She had nothing to do with this.
Sarah: No, you did. She just made it worse.
Cameron: She's a security risk.
John: (Stares at Cameron) Really? She's never tried to kill me. (Stares at Sarah) And you know this has nothing to do with Riley, or the rules, or the security of this house. You're pissed off because I found someone I actually like spending time with, and it's not you.
Sarah: You think I don't want you to have a normal life?
John: No, I don't.
Sarah: (John tries to walk away. Sarah grabs his arm) Hey! We didn't choose this John, it chose us! And there's nothing either of us can do about it. My job is to protect you. And you can hate me as much as you want, but I will keep doing that as long as I'm here.
John: Then why didn't you protect me when I was killing Sarkissian? Why didn't you protect me when I had my hands around this throat? Why didn't you protect me from that?!

Cromartie: Where did you get those credit cards.
Nicholas: (crying) I don't know.
Cromartie: (playfully) Yes you do.
Nicholas: She said she would find me, she said she would kill me.
Cromartie: I promise you, she won't.

Continuity notes[edit | edit source]

  • Riley Dawson's last name is revealed in this episode.

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Cromartie has determined that Ellison is a useful asset in his hunt for the Connors and protects him from Skynet as the "agent on the ground". Skynet has determined that Ellison is a threat and has decided on his termination.
    • According to Cromatie's action in "Pilot", this episode, and Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today, it seems Cromatie doesn't kill anyone, he would keep a person alive if he or she can help him accomplish the mission.
  • Cromartie monitored the addition of Cameron to the halfway house database from his mobile-network linked laptop.
    • Cromartie is running scanning software tracking activity of law enforcement networks and credit reporting agencies.
  • Jody gladly helps Cromartie hunt for Cameron and John Connor, revealing the John Baum alias to Cromartie.
  • John and Riley end up being stalked by Cromartie which leads to Riley finding out about his dangerous life, but has not yet been briefed on the Terminator threat.
  • Out of all the items stolen from the Connors, Cameron seems most concerned with getting her leather jacket back.
  • Upon discovering the burglary of the Baum residence, Cameron proposes a move to Canada. She seems to be enthusiastic about the prospect of relocation. This is consistent with the pilot episode, in which she expresses a similar wish.

Deleted scenes[edit | edit source]

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Terminator references[edit | edit source]

  • Ellison is duplicated by Skynet in yet another direct replacement protocol. The Terminator murdered a man for his clothes upon arrival (implicating Ellison) and proceeded directly to his house. Storming the door in classic Terminator directness, it asked for "James Ellison" pausing to confirm his identity before being terminated by Cromartie.

Real-world references[edit | edit source]

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Q&A[edit | edit source]

  • Q: Why Ellison is targeted by Skynet?
    • A: Possibly because he will help Catherine Weaver to build John Henry. And the reason for Skynet use a Terminator to replace him is because it want to sabotage Catherine's plan from inside.
  • Q: Why does Skynet make the effort of making a Terminator resembling Ellison?
    • A: A possible mission for the Ellison Terminator might be to get close to John Connor and kill him.
    • A2: Maybe because Ellison is helping the Connors.
    • A3: It could be a coincidence. If this is the case, the Terminator is looking for someone that looks like itself. We know that Cromartie has infiltrated the FBI, with the help of an agent that looks a bit like him. If this is the case, then this Terminator is just looking to steal Ellison's identity, to access FBI database.
  • Q: What did Cromartie do with The Ellison Terminator after terminating it? Is it stockpiled as spare parts somewhere or destroyed?
    • A: There is no official information about that.
  • Q: Did Catherine do anything to the real Detective Kaplan?
    • A: The fate of the original detective who questioned Ellison is unknown, but in all likelihood, it is possible that Weaver terminated him to effect the replacement in order to prevent interference Catherin's plan.
  • Q: Now that she has sampled him by touch, does the Catherine have any plans to impersonate Ellison?
    • A: Given the nature of Ellison's job: help find an endoskeleton — and later train the AI, there'd be no need for her to impersonate him.
    • A2: It is interesting that Catherine is only killing people who are a threat to her project, not everybody. She tries to be more human (as one can see by the way she treats Savannah). She is interested in human behavior. She has no reason to get rid of agent Ellison, which can be useful in many ways.

References[edit | edit source]

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