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"He died, John. He died for you. We'd all die for you."
- Derek Reese.

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John and Derek infiltrate a military academy in order to protect an integral member of the future resistance. Meanwhile, Weaver's first assignment for Ellison takes an interesting turn of events when he discovers a specter from his own past.


Maybe Martin should have offered him a Hot Dog

Sarah defends Marty Bidell

Good news, and bad news

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Presidio Alto rifle range

The Bedell Terminator

John reveals himself

The Terminator is terminated with an HEI/AP round at point blank range

A little Thermite never hurt anybody, except for a few T-888s

"I bet that never happened to you before either"

As a man grills ribs in his backyard, he turns towards the house to bump straight into a hulking brute. The Terminator asks "Martin Bedell?"

Derek showed John and Sarah a newspaper article on the death of Martin Bedell. He explained that a man named Martin Bedell will be one of Connor's best soldiers in the future — a trained military man who will help John put the resistance together. Skynet has obviously sent back a machine to track and kill all possible Martin Bedells (as they did with Sarah Connor).

John confirmed that there are two other Martin Bedells currently in Los Angeles and discovered that one is at Presidio Alto Military Prep School. "P. Alto." was one of the bloody names on the Connors' basement wall left by the Resistance fighter.[1]

Derek and John headed out to Presidio Alto. Sarah and Cameron went after the other Martin Bedell to try and stop the T-888 before it terminates an innocent person.

Agent Ellison was assigned to research the nuclear power plant incident for Catherine Weaver in order to find out what really happened there. She believes that the near meltdown was not an accident. Weaver showed Ellison a triple eight's eye that she has acquired, sending him off to find out what really happened at Seranno Point.

At Presidio Alto, Derek is immersed in memories of the Future War — particularly a mission involving his brother Kyle Reese and Martin Bedell. He enrolls John at the school and gets offered a job filling in for the week as a TAC (after all, he is a veteran).

Marty Bedell was "pwning noobs" when his video game was interrupted by the doorbell. "Martin Bedell?" the stalking Terminator asked again. Fortunately for young Marty, Sarah grabbed him and rolled him off to the side as the T-888 fired through the door. Sarah and Marty ran out of the house and jumped into the jeep, driven by Cameron. The Terminator raced in pursuit and leapt on the roof, peeling it open to reach his target. Sarah shoots him off of the vehicle, but he swiftly recovered and continued his relentless pursuit.

Mr. Nelson briefed Ellison at the Serrano Point nuclear power plant. He showed him the valve that Greenway ripped open (and Cameron later closed) and identified that the truth clearly wasn't reported. Nelson revealed that there's a plan for the plant to go back online in August 2009 after installation of the completely automated control system.

At Presidio Alto, Derek discovered upwellings of the LaBrea Tar Pits in the woods while John and his squad fired on the rifle range. After he helped a cadet clear a jammed rifle by teaching him the SPORTS (Slap, Pull, Observe, Release, Tap, Shoot) trick, he met Cadet Captain Martin Bedell. John and Bedell go running in the woods for PT and stumbled upon Derek reconnoitering the grounds. He recognized the Bedell he would know in the future.

Sarah and Cameron hid Marty at the Connor safe house. Sarah tried to find him clothes for bed but he immediately recognized it wasn't her stuff and that she doesn't know much about acting like a mother. Marty wanted to call his mom, she was supposed to get him a book for his book report, but Cameron hoisted him into the air and threatened him with the truth before Sarah made her put him down.

With Marty finally asleep, Cameron told Sarah they made a tactical error. In her assessment, they should not have run and instead killed the Terminator when they had the chance, and the boy was not part of the mission. Sarah informed Cameron that now he was.

Derek addressed the students of John and Martin’s squad. As the new TAC he was responsible for making sure they are all doing okay. When asked about "the war" and if he's "got a lot of kills" by Cadet Pyle, Derek explained the reality of war and of death. War is no game.

At a resistance bunker in the future, Bedell explained the rescue mission to Derek, Kyle, and a scrappy band of young soldiers. Back in the present, he watched John and Bedell in the cafeteria at lunch. Bedell let John in on a secret, that he met a girl and had decided to leave the Academy to be with her.

Derek briefed John that the Terminator is going to come from the woods as it provides the closest approach from the least secure place on campus. John confessed that Bedell planned on quitting school, but Derek insisted he won't. It didn't happen that way. "He doesn't have a choice?" John bitterly wondered. Not unlike his own life.

Marty watched his parents' desperate plea to "the kidnappers" on the news. Sarah tried to comfort him but he remained upset and fixated on his book report. Sarah offered to help. Cameron suggested The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. "It was John's favorite." As Marty worked, Sarah and Cameron made plans to go on the offensive because the machine won't stop. She sent Cameron back to Marty Bedell’s house to protect his parents from possible use by the Terminator.

Ellison visited the Busted Atom, Serrano Point's bar where Sarah met up with Carl Greenway. Ellison inquired about Greenway and was shown a picture of his last night alive. In the back corner of the picture, a reflection revealed Sarah Connor at the bar with Carl. Not what he was expecting to find, but definitely confirmation of some kind of Terminator involvement at the plant

Derek and John begin setting the ambush in the woods where they deployed claymore mines as a speed bump to slow the Terminator down. Derek told John a story of Kyle's empathy, even in the future. Not unlike John Connor now.

Ellison briefed Weaver on what he found in the power plant. "So you agree it was a machine, as I thought?" she asked. "Two machines" he responded to her apparent surprise. She wondered where they came from and why they fought, but Ellison doesn't yet have those answers. He also informed Weaver of the pending NRC report being compiled by Mr. Nelson. The feds will want answers, which will complicate her plans for the plant reopening. She suggested that this was not good news for either of them.

Back at the Busted Atom, Nelson drank alone till he met a beautiful woman who took him outside the bar for a little action. In the heat of the moment, she revealed a mimetic polyalloy tongue that she thrusts down his throat, eviscerating him internally. As Nelson dropped dead in the alley, the woman, revealed to be the T-1001, morphed into Catherine Weaver and stalked away.

Cameron reports to Sarah that the FBI have moved Marty's parents. If it was her, she'd switch targets and go after the remaining Bedell. Sarah sent her to the last martin Bedell's house to intercept the Terminator there. When Cameron reported that the Terminator had already been there, Sarah called and warned Derek that the machine was headed their way and Cameron was on her way there too.

Sarah helped Marty with his book report on The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Sarah apologized to Marty, telling him this wasn't the plan. He thanked her for saving his life, something she rarely hears in her life.

Bedell began to brief a casualty evacuation/obstacle course exercise to the cadets in the woods. However, Derek arrived with a new plan, a faux exercise designed to help them trap and kill the machine. Back in the future, Derek retreated to the Hammerhead Bunker and reported to Bedell that the convoy ambush was a bust, and that Kyle was now trapped by the machines as well. They swiftly devised a last ditch plan to take out the HK-Tank with the last E.F.P. and allow the rescue mission to still succeed.

Marty and Sarah read The Wizard of Oz aloud as the cadets lurked in the woods at dark. The "target" arrived, and Pyle signaled to the rest of the squad. Derek set up his first shot at a distance and fired his M-82 Barrett .50 caliber sniper rifle[2] at the T-888, hitting him in the head with a grazing shot and blinding one eye, but not knocking him down. The Terminator chased Derek deeper into the ambush.

John set off the claymores, which knocked the machine down but didn't stop him yet. It spotted Bedell, who fell down a hillside in a panicked retreat. Faced with Bedell's impending termination, John did the only thing he could: he diverted the machine's attention. "Hey! Look over here! It's me, Connor! John Connor!" With a Mission Priority Override, the Terminator abandoned Martin and raced after John.

John ran, followed closely by the Terminator. He lured him across a plank crossing an open tar pit, where Derek shot him again, knocking the triple-eight into the tar below. Derek raced up and blasted off the whole top right of the Terminator's head with a final point blank shot, and John lit the tar and the machine with a thermite charge, melting it right in front of Bedell while behind them, hidden, is Cameron. Watching.

Sarah said goodbye to Marty and put him on the bus home. Meanwhile, John and Derek packed up the truck to leave Presidio Alto. Bedell asked them what he's supposed to do now, should he stay here and act like he doesn't know the end of the world is coming? It's familiar to John. "It matters. It all matters."

On their way home, Derek told John the truth of Bedell fate in the future. In order to save Kyle and bust open the prisoner convoy, Bedell volunteered to go in Derek's place. It was a suicide mission and they both knew it. Bedell sacrificed himself for Kyle, and with Derek, rescued forty prisoners, including John Connor.

"He died, John. He died for you. We'd all die for you."


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Derek: His name was Martin Bedell. He was in Century work camp with you. Right up until the escape.
John: So I knew him.
Derek: You knew him. Everybody knew him.
Sarah: But he doesn't know this one does he?
Derek: Not this Martin Bedell. No, another Martin Bedell.
Sarah: Maybe it's just coincidence.
Derek: How many coincidences named Sarah Connor got killed, before Skynet finally locked in on you?
Sarah: So why would they want to kill him?
Derek: He had experience and knowledge John needed. Military prep school, then West Point. Bedell had real training. He helped John put the resistance together.
(John digs out the L.A. phonebook)
John: Okay, there were three Martin Bedells in L.A. Now there are two. So how do we know which one is the target?
Derek: They both are. Machines are thorough. Only good thing about them. So it took you, what, 30 seconds to find those names? If there is a triple-eight out there, he's found them too.

Bedell: Kansas, this is Hammerhead. Do you copy? Kansas, respond!
Derek: It's Kyle. He's back.
Kyle: Tin cans just hit Kansas bunker.
Derek: Survivors?
Kyle: Prisoners now. One ogre tank, three monkey wagons. The convoy will roll out down Wilshire to Century in the next hour. And I'm thinking—
Derek: No, uh-uh. We've got our orders. Connor wants this corridor controlled. So we sit tight, we observe Skynet movement, and we'll report back at regular intervals, and that's it.
Kyle: What's that report going to say? Huh? That we observed Skynet move these people into a death camp while we sat?
Derek: I know! I know it sucks, all right? But if we lose eyes on this road, we could lose a lot more than one bunker, Kyle. If Connor were here—
Bedell: Connor isn't here, Corporal. (turning to Kyle) Get below. Round up every tunnel rat you can find.
Derek: Martin. You know what he'd say. You know what Connor would say.
Bedell: Yes, I know what he'd say. If Connor wants to shoot me for disobeying orders, he can get in line behind the tin cans. We're doing this.

Pyle: Sir. We heard you were in the war. Heard you've seen action.
Derek: Yeah...yeah, I've seen action in the war.
Pyle: Got a lotta kills?
Derek: Say again?
Pyle: Kills, sir? I wanna go infantry as soon as I get outta here. Maybe Rangers, maybe Delta. Best of the best.
Derek: Best of the best. Counting kills, like its a game. Like it's just a game. I remember one particularily fun day. Guy in my squad got his stomach blasted open in a firefight. He spent six hours holding his own guts in. His buddy carried him on his back to the nearest aid station, just praying that someone could put the dumb son of a bitch together again. The game, Pyle...the game is played with your buddy's life. With the life of your squad, your platoon. The game is played by you! On behalf of the whole damn human race!

Ellison: I'm familiar with the incident Reports, Mr. Nelson. I know what they say. But what I don't know is what really happened.
Mr. Nelson: People who wrote that report are bureaucrats. You know what bureaucrats do when the facts don't fit their little checkboxes? They ignore them. Or change them. So this valve supposedly blew open because of metal fatigue. Sure. Okay. Not likely, but let's grant mother nature that one. So how in the hell did it force itself closed?
Ellison: Okay. How strong do you have to be, to force it open and push it back?
Mr. Nelson: On a scale of one to ten? Superman. Report says this damage was caused by a transformer explosion. You want to see what the security tapes say?
Ellison: There are no tapes. They're gone.
Mr. Nelson: That they are. And who took those? Carl Greenway, on the way to hanging himself? Those mystery employees who shut the reactor down?
Ellison: You ask the same questions I would.
Mr. Nelson: Putting together a report for the NRC. They're going to crawl up this place's ass with a wire brush. It's going to play hell with the schedule.
Ellison: Schedule? What schedule is that?
Mr. Nelson: August 2009, New automated system comes online. And we're back in business. That's what they say. Of course, that ain't going to happen if the feds are on a war path.

Marty: I'm gonna call my mom. She was supposed to get me a book, for my book report. (Picks up the phone)
Cameron: (Sweeps the phone away and lifts Marty by the collar) If you call your mother, that man will use her to find you. Then he'll kill her. He'll kill you.
Sarah: Uh, Cameron…
Cameron: (Still holding Marty in the air) Would you like a bedtime story?
(Marty nods nervously)

John: These going to kill it?
Derek: No, a speed bump. That's all. Now, this... Raufoss. Mark 211 round. Tungsten core, armor piercing. High explosive incendiary. Hits with the force of a 20 millimeter cannon. Saw your dad take down an H-K with one of those. He liked it better than his plasma rifle.
John: So this is going to kill it.
Derek: It'll make it stop. Reconsider its life choices.

Bedell: Meet my friend, the E.F.P. He sits in the middle of the road and blows up metal. This is his life's ambition. I intend to help him achieve it.
Derek: We've seeded the street with these things. We got to make sure that ogre cooperates.
Bedell: Corporal Reese will take you and set up over at Lacma and the Page. When the convoy rolls to your position, open fire on this bunker. The ogre will think it's metal on skin and move to assist. And when it does, boom. Questions? Move out.
Derek: Hey. They're kids. They key off of you.
Kyle: I know.
Derek: Kids...

(a massive string of explosions)
Derek: Aw, son of a bitch! No, no, no, no! Aw!
Bedell: Got to be a little more specific.
Derek: Straight shot from one of the kids must've. Must've hit one of the EFP's. It's set them all off, it's a chain reaction. We're just swinging in the wind.
Bedell: Where's the ogre?
Derek: It's coming to kill us all. Where the hell do you think it is?
Bedell: Where is the tank?
Derek: (sighing) About a block away. Moving towards us. There's no way we've got enough powder to kill it. I'm going to lay down some covering fire, maybe drop a couple endos. That'll give Kyle enough time to get back.
Bedell: Reese... We can kill that ogre. We got one more magic bullet. We just got to get it out there. (Indicates the last E.F.P.)
Derek: (gasping for breath) I'll go.
Bedell: You'll never make it.
Derek: He's my brother.
Bedell: You want to save Kyle or die trying? Give me the damn E.F.P. Please.
(Derek sighs heavily)
Bedell: I want to take this one.
Derek: Run like hell, okay? Bedell, you run like hell.
Bedell: When this thing goes off, you pop those wagons. You get those people out. Don't be a hero. Go!
(Derek slams the bunker door behind Martin and moves to the firing port)
Derek: (To John in the present) And he ran. He ran so fast. Fast enough to get to that tank before it got to Kyle's position. Fast enough to blow it sky-high. We rescued 40 prisoners that day. One of them was John Connor. Martin was always a great runner. But no one... No one could outrun a blast like that. He died, John. He died for you. We all die for you.

Continuity notes[]

  • Sarah mentioned there are two other Sarah Connors got killed back in the year 1984, the event from the film The Terminator.


  • This episode marks the first time John Connor makes himself known to any Series 888 Terminators operating in 2007, other than Cromartie. He does this in an attempt to distract the Terminator from its assigned mission by offering himself up as a higher priority target: The Terminator immediately accepts the priority target override and pursues John.
  • The HUD of the Terminator now has multi-colored view.
    • The color view HUD was in Episode Preview footage only, in the actual episode, the "Red-view" standard of the Series 888 is maintained.
  • The appearance of Johnathan Jackson as Kyle Reese is a reprise of his role in the Future War, as Kyle is only five-year-old in 2007.
  • Of the three Martin Bedells listed in the phone book, only the adult terminated would legitimately be listed. Unless the two younger Bedells are both miraculously "Martin Bedell, Junior" the connection is a bit of a leap to make. But even if the two remaining Martin Bedells were Juniors, then their fathers would be Martin Bedells, too. The Terminator would probably have gone after them, not their sons. Apparently this is just an oversight on the writers' part. On the other hand, since Judgment Day is still some distance in the future and Martin Bedell isn't supposed to be very old (parental age) by the time it happens, without full age data it seems logical for the Terminator to assume any Martin Bedells could be the correct one.
  • John Connor must have been in the "Kansas Bunker" that was overrun and captured in the future, as he was one of the 40 prisoners rescued from the convoy delivering them to the Century Work Camp.
    • While using the alias John Baum, the Connors claimed to have been from Kansas.
  • Catherine Weaver appeared to be unaware of the resistance's use of co-opted Terminators, or the presence of one in 2007. She was more likely simply pretending, however.
  • The T-1001's chosen method of termination for Mr. Nelson demonstrates an unprecedented level of subtlety in concealing the method of his death.

The Ogre as seen so far.

  • A new variety of HK-Tank, nicknamed the "Ogre", appears in this episode.[3] Its appearance is not known as of yet; its scene is short and doesn't show much detail. The only detail shown so far is that it has at least one Gatling-type plasma cannon (see photo on this page). It can be seen in the background of the first flashback. Dialog specifies the "Ogre" is a tank of some type that would have escorted the prisoner convoy, had Bedell not destroyed it.
  • When Sarah and Cameron are discussing the new T-888 in the kitchen, and Cameron says the line "He can put it back on.", Sarah's butter knife makes an audible "knife on plate" squeak. If you look closely, Summer Glau ever-so-slightly winces at the sound.
  • This episode marks the first time ever on screen that a Terminator is terminated using a conventional (albeit very large) firearm. Previous terminations involved either futuristic weapons, explosives, or industrial machinery.
    • This termination (while dramatic and heroic) is fairly unrealistic. A Barret .50 Sniper Rifle (regardless of model) weighs approximately 30 lbs. While its weight may seem manageable, it is the equivalent of a cinderblock (which weighs about 30 lbs). It is usually fired while mounted or in the prone position (having been carried to its firing position by its operator and his/her spotter), and has tremendous recoil. Few could carry such a weapon for an extended period of time, and fewer still could fire it standing up. Derek would barely have been able to lift it to his shoulders, and would have been knocked flat upon firing. The Barret (if transported by a single person; a rare occurrence) must be carried in an upright position, while moving at a slow pace to keep the rifle vertical and avoid dropping it.
  • The official Producer's Blog previously stated for the episode "Pilot" that we couldn't see burning living tissue on Cromartie's head (which is necessary for time traveling) by the reason that "certain people don't like it when we show burning flesh, cyborg or not." This episode shows a Terminator with the living tissue on his head burning.
  • It is unclear why the Bedell Terminator followed a linear approach to killing all Martin Bedells. Skynet would have had Bedell's image on file during his incarceration at Century Work Camp, making this linear strategy unnecessary.
  • There is an error in the episode, which can be seen only if the player is paused. The right part of Bedell's Terminator face was damaged by Derek before the Terminator dropped to the lake with fuel. However, when the Terminator falls to the lake, one frame shows his face and the left side is damaged, not right one
  • No reason or explanation was given as why John Connor was not killed on sight by the Terminators when the Kansas Bunker was overrun. One possible reason might be that John Connor at this time did not have high enough ranking or status to be marked for elimination by Skynet. In other words, the Battle of Kansas Bunker happened early in John Connor's military career.
  • During its initial airing, this episode was shown in its entirety through corporate sponsorship by Dodge.

Deleted scenes[]

(This episode has no information about the deleted scenes so far. Please add one if there is any.)

Terminator references[]

  • In this episode, a Terminator goes on a mission to kill all humans with the name Martin Bedell. This tactic was last seen in The Terminator, when a T-800 killed several people with the name "Sarah Connor" (including the Wrong Sarah Connor). In that movie, the police ineffectively investigate the crime (the Terminator destroys an entire police station and Kyle Reese, a member of the human Resistance, dies destroying that T-800). In this episode, Sarah Connor herself (now with a son, a future member of the Resistance, and a Terminator) defend the subject and relatively easily defeat the Terminator. Other than the first Martin Bedell, no humans are shown as being killed by the Terminator.
  • The Bedell Terminator's mission bears a similarity to T-800's mission in the film The Terminator, such as:
    • There are two other persons sharing the same name with the target in a certain region.
    • At least one innocent person is killed.
    • Both the Reese Brothers participate the mission to protect the targets respectively. Both of them already knew how the targets look like.
    • The target eventually learned why they are being targeted.
  • Unlike the first T-800, the Terminator in this episode is not shown acquiring the guns and weaponry used to achieve its assigned terminations.

Real-world references[]

  • The Mk.211 Raufoss round used by Derek does not appear to actually explode as it does in real life when it strikes the T-888.
  • Patrick Kilpatrick, the actor of the Bedell Terminator, played a Tactical Education Unit in the film Class of 1999. The Tactical Education Units were human-like androids which had been programmed to teach and were supplied with weapons to handle discipline problems.


  • Q: Why was The Bedell Terminator able to recognize John Connor by matching his outward appearance (necessarily having an idea what John Connor looks like), while Cromartie had to identify John by his name?
    • A: The Bedell Terminator didn't recognize John Connor by his appearance, he recognized him by his declaration of being John Connor. He (like Cromartie) then verified this claim by facial feature/bone structure/biometrics recognition software. Although we don't see Cromartie's HUD doing this in the "Pilot", he certainly does it several times while pursuing JC through the public school systems. The Bedell Terminator's HUD specifically "running the facial recognition program" was probably cut for expedience, because we already know the Terminators are capable of such. Although the declaration by itself was (situationally) unlikely to be valid, the Terminator was obligated to analyze the assertion just in case, hence the transition into "priority target override".
  • Q: For how long has Cameron been watching Derek's and John's fight with the Terminator? Why hasn't she intervened?
    • A: Unknown, she may have simply arrived as they were finishing it on the bridge, the most advantageous situation the environment presented. Interference was unnecessary. She is also continuing her assessment of John's development into the man he will be.
  • Q: Two of the Martin Bedells are juveniles. What are they doing in the phone book?
    • A: It was either an oversight on the part of the writers, or the book was actually a city directory. City directories list the names of all household members, their places of work, and also have "Reverse lookup" sections arranged by either address or phone number (as opposed to names). Examples:
134 E. Moore - Mason, James (FDNY) (s) Julia (neé Smith) (c) Kelly 14, Jimmy 16 - 418-555-6543
418-555-6543 - Mason, James (FDNY) (s) Julia (neé Smith) (c) Kelly 14, Jimmy 16 - 134 E. Moore
  • Q: Skynet has no idea how Sarah Connor The Terminator or John Connor looks like Terminator 2: Judgment Day as well as in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). Same for Martin Bedell or any other of John's future generals Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines. Why and where from does he have such detailed information about James Ellison's outward appearance (2007) to construct a machine after him?
    • A: In the film The Terminator, Sarah is not identified in any significant database that would contain her detailed biometric information yet. In the film Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Sarah has made it to the FBI suspect networks, and John is in the juvenile records for law enforcement and foster care systems (notoriously restrictive on information availability). Note the T-1000 had the text information on file to lock in the location of John, but needed the Voight's pic of him for a visual reference. Attendance by Bedell at a military academy is not equitable to actual military (federal) service, simply a bedrock for fundamental training he would use with Connor after the updated Judgment Day. Note that Martin is only listed as attending West Point, not completing it. The TSCC timeline places Judgment Day in 2011, when he would still be a student, not yet a commissioned officer. Ellison, on the other hand, is a fully vetted Federal Agent, with detailed files in a database that would be directly accessible to Skynet. As the date of Judgment Day gets pushed farther and farther into the future, the extent of Skynet's eventual detailed biometric information of all sorts will increase as dramatically as it has in our present, but the available information from the previous two or three given dates would be significantly less developed than our contemporary considerations. Also the amount of damage inflicted on the available databases (federal and civil) is directly related to the exact timing and conduct of the slaughter that was/will/have/been/being Judgment Day, and will also affect significant variation on what Skynet does and does not know.
  • Q: Why doesn't the Bedell Terminator regard the students at P. Alto as a threat, despite them being armed?
    • A: Most likely because it determined that their weapons were not a threat to him. Cromartie does the same thing in the Pilot with the SWAT team, scans them, and determines them not to be a threat. It also had no reason to engage them since they were not a threat, nor were they its target.


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