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"You know as well as I; some men are monsters."
- Greta Simpson.

Sarah Connor finds herself in a business transaction with a mysterious business man. Meanwhile, Cromartie closes in on John Connor, and Agent Ellison discovers a nemesis at the agency.


The episode opens with a flash-forward to the future where during mid - day playing Kyle Reese and Derek Reese witness the launch of U.S. nuclear missiles while playing ball in their yard on Judgment Day: Thursday, 21 April 2011.

A frontman for the mysterious Sarkissian, holding the Turk 2, follows up on Sarah Connor's call about purchasing the Turk and tracks her to the barrio lair of Carlos. He then kills several members of Carlos's gang to get information about Sarah Connor.

While staking out an Internet cafe that Cameron and Sarah Connor enter to meet with the current holder of the Turk 2, Derek positively identifies his own self at age 16, and his brother Kyle at age 8. Sarah and Cameron are directed by the anonymous contact to bring $500,000 for the Turk 2 to the ATM in a food court. While Derek and Sarah attempt to make the exchange, Derek reveals that a food court was the first stop his resistance cell made after arriving in 2007, and that the chosen location was a concentration camp in his time. The drop is actually a setup to allow the frontman for the Turk 2's holder to get into the Connor's house while they were away and lay in wait for them. the frontman attempts to blackmail Sarah for $2 million in order to not reveal her presence to the FBI, and is able to escape Sarah's immediate wrath by having thugs watching John on a field trip.

Cameron identifies the thug stalking them, terminates him in the museum parking lot, and stuffs him in a car trunk. Right after this Morris asks Cameron to the prom.

Pursuing the Turk 2 back to the wi-fi cafe after Carlos's female companion gives them the information as revenge for the killings in the barrio, the group confronts and kills the frontman, but are unable to locate the Turk 2.

For John's birthday, Derek takes him to a park where the younger Derek and Kyle are playing ball. Derek then reveals that he knows that Kyle is John's father.

James Ellison identifies Cromartie as the primary suspect in the deaths of the doctor that manufactured the skin replacement, and the plastic surgeon that refined his appearance after Charley Dixon comments on his current alias as Agent Kester. Agent Ellison leads a doomed raid on the FBI impersonator at Cromartie's motel hideout resulting in the deaths of all 21 FBI HRT agents, including the skeptical Greta Simpson. Ellison's belief in the existence of terminators is given an unfortunate reinforcement when facing off against Cromartie as the last man standing after the raid. Cromartie elects not to terminate agent Ellison as an asset for the continued tracking of the Connors. Charley witnesses Cromartie's departure from the scene at the motel.

As Cameron leaves the house to get John's birthday cake, she sees someone walking away from the car as she starts the engine. The person is the owner of the wifi business, and the mastermind behind the purchase of the Turk. As Cameron starts the engine of the car, it explodes with her in it.

Continuity notes[]

  • Carlos' female gangster friend also appeared in Gnothi Seauton, where she was also credited as "Chola". As in her earlier episode, she did not speak at all despite having a significant number of scenes.
  • "Chola" found out the location of the Connor's home, a closely guarded secret, by following Sarkissian's henchman to the Connor home after he killed Carlos' gang members. (You can tell she was following him, because there is someone watching him from a car as he left the Connor home. On the dash board of this car is a Madonna and Child figurine. This same figurine can be seen on the dash board of the car that Chola used to drive the Connors to the Internet Cafe.)


  • As a result of the car bomb, Cameron's skin was assumed to have been ripped off of her endoskeleton, in case Summer Glau did not want to return for Season 2. This has since been proven to be false.
  • This episode was the last completed before the Writers Guild of America strike forced a shutdown in production. As such it was not intended to be the season finale. Producer Josh Friedman has stated that the storylines originally planned to for the remainder of the first season will be incorporated into a retooled second season.[1]
  • Los Niños Héroes (the "Boy Heroes" or "Heroic Cadets") is a real happening, were six teenage military cadets died defending Mexico at Mexico City's Chapultepec Castle (then serving as the Mexican army's military academy) from invading U.S. forces in the 13 September 1847 Battle of Chapultepec.
  • John and Cameron are at the science museum watching dinosaurs, who were extinct millions of years ago. Now, they are on the step of humanity being extinct as well.
  • To arrest Cromartie, 22 FBI agents are led to his motel hideout. This number exactly corresponds with the number of witnesses at Crest View High School in 1999, the place of Cromartie´s first attempt to eliminate his primary objective.
  • In Sarah's Closing Monologue, her statement: "...place its head on a sharpened stake as an offering to the beast that hovers, god-like, over the island." is in sync with and may be a reference to Terminator Cameron's statement to the social worker in episode 2.04 about her original objective: "...place the head of John Connor in a pike for all the world to see."

DVD Extras[]


"When John was little he used to sleep with his hand under my chin. At night I’d lay awake watching him – calm, peaceful, happy. I wanted to freeze time and let my son live in that moment forever. But you can’t freeze time. You can’t protect your children from the future that awaits them. The moment's there and then it’s gone."
"In 'Lord of the Flies', a group of boys slaughter a pig in the jungle. They torture it and place its head on a sharpened stake as an offering to the beast that hovers, god-like, over the island. Black blood drips down the pig's teeth. And the boys run away. Later, when one of the boys is alone, he weeps. But not for the pig. The boy weeps for the end of innocence and the darkness of men's hearts."


Derek Reese: Remind me again why, why are the boys out here and the girls in there?
John Connor: Because one of the boys is still wanted for murder. One of the girls is harder than nuclear nails.
Derek Reese: Yeah, and the other one is a cyborg. (John laughs)

Derek Reese: He was just a kid when it happened. Eight years old. I was 15. How do you tell an eight-year-old machines have taken over the world?
John Connor: How do you?
Derek Reese: You don't.

Agent Ellison: (referring to the cross on the wall) Mmm, I see you're a man of faith.
Charley Dixon: Oh, no my wife's a catholic. It's her mother's.
Agent Ellison: Do you know the story on the Rapture, Mr. Dixon?
Charley Dixon: Like I said. My wife.
Agent Ellison: (quoting scripture) "And I heard as it were, the noise of thunder. And I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, come and see. And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was Death, and Hell followed with him." The book of Revelation. Revelation|6:8
Charley Dixon: What is this?
Agent Ellison: (sighs) I've seen some things, Mr. Dixon. I've seen some things with my own eyes and heard 'em with my own ears. I've beheld. And upon my beholding, I've come to the conclusion — while new to me — might be old hat for you.
Charley Dixon: What the hell are you talking about?
Agent Ellison: Sarah Connor is alive, and I think you know where she is.
Charley Dixon: You're crazy.
Agent Ellison: (chuckles) If Sarah is alive, and I believe she is. We are working in a realm, where much, perhaps anything is possible. Robots. Soldiers from the future. Skynet.
Charley Dixon: If... Sarah were alive, I'm sure she'd like to hear you say that.

Cameron: (behind John) You haven't spoken for twenty-eight minutes.
John Connor: Well, it's nothing. (turns around) All right. My birthday's tomorrow. Okay? I know that mom totally forgot.
Cameron: Birthday?
John Connor: Yeah, you don't know what a birthday is?
Cameron: It's the day you were born.
John Connor: Pretty memorable for a mother, right?
Cameron: But it was sixteen years ago.
John Connor: No, a birthday is like a holiday. Like once a year, every year, people just kinda... celebrate you ... I guess. And you get presents and you eat cake and it's fun. It's supposed to be. Last year, mom got me a flak jacket.
Cameron: That's a tight present.
John Connor: No, it's not. Whatever. Look, I don't know why I care. I've been driving since I was twelve. Technically this is my twenty-fourth birthday. Just I time-traveled over eight of them.
Cameron: Do I have a birthday?
John Connor: I don't know. Were you born?
Cameron: I was built.
John Connor: Well, maybe you have a built day.

Morris: Hey Cameron! There you are. Your brother's been looking for you. (looks at the car by Cameron) Oh wow, is this your car?
Cameron: No, it belongs to the guy I killed and stuffed in the trunk.
John Connor: Hey! Where you been? Mom says we gotta get home right now. What's up with the car?
Morris: Cameron stuffed a dead guy in the trunk.
Cameron: He was following us.
Morris: (laughing) You're sister's dark, bro. (to Cameron) You're gonna love The Smiths [music].
John Connor: Yeah, she's really goth.
Cameron: Get in.
Morris: Wait! Cameron... hey umm there's something I kinda need to ask you. You think maybe you might wanna go to the Prom with me?
John Connor: Just say yes!
Cameron: Yes.

Cameron: He was a threat to us.
John Connor: Did he say anything...a name, a location?
Cameron: He said very little and then he was quiet

Derek Reese: So, it's your birthday.
John Connor: How, How'd you know?
Derek Reese: You kidding? I celebrated your thirtieth with you.
John Connor: How was that?
Derek Reese: You got drunk as a skunk.
John Connor: Haha.
Derek Reese: C'mon, I'll buy you a beer.
John Connor: I'm sixteen.
Derek Reese: All right, I'll buy you an ice cream cone. C'mon it's your birthday. When there a things to celebrate, they should be celebrated. Let's go.

John Connor: Is that...you? And the younger one, is that...
Derek Reese: Kyle. Throws pretty good for a five-year-old, huh? Your father always had a nice arm.
John Connor: How'd you know?
Derek Reese: Every time I look at you, I see him. Besides, your mom's his type. Happy birthday.


  • Q: Who is the 'stranger' asking for Sarah Connor at Carlos place?
    • A: The Fake Sarkissian.
  • Q: Did the 'stranger' kill Carlos?
    • A: It is implied but not confirmed.
  • Q: Why are the associates of the 'stranger' watching John?
    • A: Presumably just a threat to Sarah Connor to get more money.
    • A: Later we see the same Asian guy visiting Carlos at the science museum watching John Connor. This implies that the 'stranger' might not have as many people as he claims.
  • Q: When Cameron is answering the phone and mimicking the Asian guy, who is actually calling him?
    • A: The 'stranger' who was visiting Carlos and Sarah.
  • Q: The person on the phone (talking to Cameron) is talking about someone who is following him. Who is that?
    • A: Earlier Sarah tells Derek to follow the 'stranger' who is selling the Turk.
  • Q: Who is the person in the car, watching John and Cameron closing the garage door?
    • A: It's Chola, the silent girl from Carlos place.
  • Q: How did the silent girl find Sarah and Johns place?
    • A: She followed Fake Sarkissian when he went to visit the Connors (you can see the car with the statue in the shot where he leaves)
  • Q: Why and how did the silent girl survive the massacre at Carlos place?
    • A: She remained outside, across the street.
  • Q: In the scene in the alley where Derek kidnaps the girl and the 'stranger' kidnaps John. Where is Cameron?
    • A: She returned to the Cafe.
  • Q: Why is Cameron asking the silent girl: "Do I need to kill you now?"
    • A: She wonders whether she is a threat.
  • Q: Why doesn't Cromartie kill James Ellison?
    • A1: Ellison is searching for Sarah and might lead Cromartie to her.
    • A2: In episode 203: "Allison from Palmdale", Catherine Weaver is starting be interested Ellison and discuss his future involvement in Zeira Corp. Apparently Catherine have plans for Ellison helping her developing her projects.
  • Q: Beside from Sarah and John, who else is interested in buying the Turk from Sarkissian?
    • A: Cyberdyne or CRS are also interested parties, however the final buyer is not shown until Season 2.[1]
  • Q: Where was Cameron intended to go before the car blew up?
    • A: She was going to get a birthday cake for John Connor.
  • Q: What happened to Cameron after the car blew up? Did she survive?
    • A: She survived but reverted back to her Skynet settings, as seen in "Samson & Delilah".
  • Q: What is Derek doing after John left him in the park?
    • A: Probably just kept watching his younger self and Kyle.
  • Q: What becomes of Morris? Does he ever get to take Cameron to the prom?





  • Mr. Bianchi - Keith Pillow
  • FBI evidence clerk - Mark Bloom
  • Karen - Ramona Dubarry
  • Cholo #1 - Aldo Gonzalez
  • Little Girl - Bailee Madison

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