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Terminator Endoskulls of T-850 and T-X

An endoskeleton is the internal support structure of an animal, human, or cyborg, for who is referred as an "Endo".[1][2]

For years, Skynet tried to imitate the human body in its structure, functionality and looks on its robots so that it could build the perfect Infiltrator.

Skynet's most popular endoskeletal cyborg was its Series 800 Terminator, which used a metallic endoskeleton covered with living tissue. The Series 800 Terminator was a breakthrough in developing Terminators that were similar to humans.


Originally, Terminators were purely robotic and weren't covered with living tissue. Starting with the T-600, Skynet tried to cover the titanium alloy endoskeleton with rubber, which looked fake and was easy to spot. Skynet discovered a method that allowed it to grow living tissue over the endoskeleton, making the new Terminators almost impossible to spot.

Later and more-advanced endoskeletons were manufactured with an alloy containing half a percentage of coltan.[3][4] Skynet also found out it was extremely difficult to send pure metal back in time by using Time Displacement Equipment, but was able to overcome this by covering the Terminators with living tissue or using mimetic polyalloy.

Skynet has experimented with Terminator models that don't have endoskeletons, such as the T-1000, which was made entirely of mimetic polyalloy, allowing it much more flexibility of motion.

Skynet combined an endoskeleton with a mimetic polyalloy outer sheath in the T-X Terminator. Its advanced endoskeleton allowed the T-X to be fitted with onboard weapons systems — the first Infiltrator class to house advanced weaponry — each located within a reconfigurable arm, underneath the mimetic polyalloy outer sheath. Within its vast internal arsenal, the T-X possessed many different weapons and tools for different missions.

In Dark Fate timeline, instead of hyperalloy, Legion used a carbon-based endoskeleton for Rev-9 Model Terminator, which is covered with carbon-based mimetic polyalloy.[5] Due to this lighter material, the endoskeleton weighed less than a T-800, and was capable of enhanced acrobatics, speed and agility. However, while it was still remarkably durable, this carbon-endoskeleton was less durable and less capable of resisting kinetic force compared to a T-800's titanium or hyperalloy endoskeleton.

It is unknown if other Terminator Models made by Legion are also carbon-based materials.

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Support Kards "Endoskeleton"

  • The opposite of an endoskeleton is called an "exoskeleton", an external skeleton built on the outside to protect the body. Any armor is also considered an exoskeleton, like full-body armor or the likes of natural armor used by several arthropods, such as insects and spiders.
  • Endoskeleton is one of Dark Fate Terminator's Support Kards from Mortal Kombat Mobile.


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