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Ed Winston is a former soldier who works as a security guard at the Desert Canyon Heat and Air warehouse in the television series Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. He kept his work life secret from his wife Diana.


Together with fellow employee George McCarthy Winston killed Mike Thompson, the boyfriend of McCarthy's daughter Zoe and the daughter of a company employee. They also killed a woman at the same time and place. Afterward Winston stored the boy's effects, such as his lacrosse gear, at a storage facility. Footage of the murder was however recorded. "Earthlings Welcome Here"

Some time later, Sarah Connor visited the warehouse, seeking information on the three dots. She was caught by Winston, and eventually they came to exchanged shots, resulting in Winston's near-death and Sarah being shot in her leg. "Earthlings Welcome Here"

Soon afterwords the warehouse was destroyed under strange circumstances, killing most of the people working there. "The Good Wound" Winston was presumed having died along with his co-workers, and while attending the wake, Sarah was incidentally introduced to Winston's widow Diana. "Desert Cantos"

After some investigation, Sarah, together with John, Derek and Cameron, came across the taped recording of Winston's and McCarthy's murder. Choosing not to reveal the truth about Winston to his wife, Sarah left the wake in order to continue the fight against Skynet. "Desert Cantos"

It is revealed Ed Winston was healed up in a private clinic paid for by his superiors; he believed they did this just so he could continue his job. "Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep"

He ambushed Sarah Connor at Western Iron & Metal, shooting her with a taser. He tortured her in a van, trying to get information out of her; he believed she was behind the destruction of the plant. During the interrogation, Connor was secretly implanted with a transmitter. Connor escaped and the two got into a fight; Connor prevailed and shot him in the forehead, killing him for real. "Some Must Watch, While Some Must Sleep"

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The name Winston is probably in tribute to the late Stan Winston, special effects creator for the movie series.


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