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I825.M is a human-based cyborg. Originally an ER trauma surgeon in 2009, Dudley survived the Judgment Day and joined the eventual Resistance as a combat medic.


Dudley explaining his origin to Mary

Barely clinging to life after being blasted by some of Skynet's heavier artillery, he became Skynet's first prisoner of war. Subjected to experimental surgeries used to reconstruct most of his body and even the outer meninges of his brain, it took a computer the size of a city block to put him back together again. Dudley was remade into a mobile field unit for the maintenance of Skynet's newly perfected Series 800 Infiltrator.

In their initial fielding, it still took over a year to cultivate a viable human tissue sheath for the infiltration units, and Skynet needed something small and familiar with human tissue, able to maintain the perishable and hard to replace tissue sheaths. Tissue repairing became Dudley's primary function. Additionally, since he was mostly flesh, he was more successful at infiltrating human enclaves, able to go where even Series 800 Terminators could not go undetected. Intelligence gathering became his secondary function.

Dudley served Skynet faithfully, alerting the Processing Command Center at the TDE facility of Col. Randall's infiltration of the facility and activating the only three Terminators that had completed the tissue generation cycle. He repaired the damage caused by Lieutenant Koufaks to the TDE and oversaw the crude surgical implantation of the Plasma Pistol they would smuggle back in time.

Dudley was brought back in time along with the other Terminators due to his experience and knowledge in clandestine operations. He successfully leading the Terminators to the home of Dr. Hollister in time to save him from Mary's rebels.

However, his indoctrination by Skynet was incomplete, and he only served out of a sense of fatalism for the human race, seeing 2029 as a doomed dead end, and unwilling to resist. Once thrust into 1984 and confronted with the evidence that the wreckage of the first Terminator sent after Sarah Connor was the greater threat to humanity than any human scientist of the era, he finally rebelled and assisted Mary, Bart Lukens and Dr. Astin in their escape from the Terminators. During the escape, he destroyed the remains of the first Terminator as well as C850.D with the plasma pistol. He battled C890.L and HC875.S in a wild vehicle-borne chase that ended with both remaining Terminators going over the edge of a bridge into the Los Angeles River.

Dudley struggling against his cybernetic implants

Constantly battling the cybernetic components of his own brain as well as the influence of networked active Terminators existing in his own time, Dudley is a tortured soul trying to cling to his identity. Later developing a romantic relationship with Mary, he continued to provide key information about Cyberdyne Systems history, Terminator weaknesses, and the ongoing Terminator pursuit of both the Resistance cell and Sarah Connor.

On October 3, 1984, Dudley self-terminated in San Diego after being temporarily overridden and returned to Skynet control by the Machine. Temporarily regaining his human sensibilities long enough to avoid terminating Mary Randall as assigned, he warns her instead of the new Terminator, and says his goodbyes. He blew himself up with an entire crate of high explosives.



(Sitting on a full crate of explosives, a stick of dynamite clenched in his teeth)
Dudley: Win the war, Mary.
(He strikes a match and vanishes in a massive detonation)
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