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The Dire Wolf

The Dire Wolf was a canine-based Terminator created by Skynet.

Terminator: Revolution[]

When Skynet was unable to locate the T-Infinity, it became concerned that the machine had been captured by the Resistance. Consequently, the Dire Wolf was dispatched by the AI to destroy the T-Infinity in 2015. Issue #2

The Dire Wolf went to the Resistance Headquarters, the last place where the T-Infinity was located before it accidentally traveled to 1996 with John Connor. After engaging the Resistance, the Dire Wolf encountered HK-Aerial units and due to it not being listed in their databases, was promptly attacked. Issue #3

Unable to find the T-Infinity, the Dire Wolf went to Skynet Research & Development facility in Willo Grove, only to be confronted and attacked by Series 800 Terminators and HK-Aerials guarding the place. Issue #3 After destroying the machines, the Dire Wolf entered the facility and went to the Time Displacement Equipment. The Dire Wolf set the destination to Cahaba Road, Alabama in 1996. Kyle Reese tracked the machine down to the TDE room and was going to destroy it with a sniper riffle. The Dire Wolf noticed and attacked Kyle before he could pull the trigger. Kyle tried to escape, only to enter the time displacement sphere. Soon after Kyle entered the Time Sphere, the Dire Wolf entered it. Issue #4

The Dire Wolf arrived the woods where Sarah Connor, John Connor and his younger self were fighting the T-Infinity. The T-Infinity, which was heavily damaged, losing its right arm, got ambushed from behind by the Dire Wolf. The Dire Wolf quickly ripped its head with ease. Soon after the Dire Wolf destroyed the T-Infinity, the Connors started to shoot it. Kyle joined the action with a minigun. John Connor destroyed the machine by firing two grenades. Issue #5


  • In reality, dire wolf is actually an extinct species of the genus Canis.
  • The Dire Wolf is almost as big as a HK-Aerial.[1]
  • Like the Xenomorph creature from the Alien franchise, the Dire Wolf possesses a fanged tongue.




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