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Miles Dyson, who created Skynet by reverse-engineering wreckage from the first T-800

Due to various time travelling missions, the creators and developers of Skynet have been changed in various timelines.


In the Original timeline, Skynet’s creator was Miles Dyson, who worked in Cyberdyne Systems and using reverse engineering on the broken CPU from the T-800. However in Judgement Day timeline, after learning of his future actions, he helped Sarah Connor and her son, John, along with their T-800, destroyed Cyberdyne Systems and died in the process.[1]

In Rise of the Machines timeline, with patents obtained from Cyberdyne, Cyber Research Systems helped the United States Air Force with the development of Skynet.[2]

In The Sarah Connor Chronicles alternate Original timeline, Skynet was developed from the Turk created by Andrew Goode. After the timeline was altered, the Turk was destroyed, but the Goode created the Turk 2 and it was later developed into John Henry by Zeira Corporation under Catherine Weaver, while a similar source code of the Turk became the basis of what would become Skynet, possibly developed by Kaliba Group.[3]

In Salvation timeline, United States Air Force purchased Cyberdyne Systems and took over the development of Skynet, possibly established the company Skynet Research, at a certain time after the death of Dr. Serena Kogan.[4]

In Genisys timeline, Skynet had John Connor, now converted into a T-3000, bring the source code and know-how to Miles Dyson and his son, Daniel Dyson, who both worked in Cyberdyne Systems in the alternate 2014, leading to the creation of Genisys, which would become the continuation of the Skynet in the new timeline, possibly with the will off the Skynet from the Original timeline.[5]


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