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Detective Cheung was a detective in the San Francisco Police Department and the partner of Lt. Matias.


Cheung was with her superior and partner, Matias, at the hospital while trying to make sense of the sudden appearance of Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese. Cheung later came into the hospital room, gun drawn with the other detectives and agents when Kyle and Sarah made an escape with the Guardian.

Later, when the trio was apprehended and brought back to police headquarters, Cheung was revealed to be the T-3000 in disguise and proceeded to fatally shoot and kill two federal agents as well as the real Cheung's partner Matias, wounding Detective O'Brien due to the interfere of Guardian before attempting to kill Kyle and Sarah at their respective interrogation rooms. Terminator Genisys


  • Other than the elevator scene, Cheung has sparingly little dialogue despite being a key supporting role.
  • Cheung's alludged death is not seen onscreen unlike similar people who have been killed and whose form or voice was later impersonated by the T-3000 and the various T-1000 characters in earlier Terminator fictions.
  • It is unclear why the T-3000 chose Cheung as its disguise over the many males available.