Desert Canyon Heat and Air was a company owned by the Kaliba Group and based near Charm Acres, officially manufacturing devices within the heat and air market. This was however a cover for its actual top secret operation – to develop advanced drones. The drones appear to be constructed of endoskeleton hyperalloy. Sightings of the drones were frequently mistaken for alien spacecraft, appearing as the three dots Sarah Connor couldn't get off her mind.

Someone hosted a massive surveillance operation around the house of George McCarthy and other employees.



Engineer Alan Park used to work there, in an atmosphere of high secrecy. He left, fearing for his life, and attempted to break the secrecy around the drones in a blog.

Earthlings Welcome HereEdit

Mysterious people attempted to stop Park from uncovering the truth, such as stealing a store of the metal he had hidden in a storage locker, and eventually a black-clad motorcycle rider killed him, but not before he inadvertently gave the location of the warehouse to Sarah Connor.

Sarah traveled to the warehouse, hoping to find clues, but ended up in a battle with a security guard. She shot him but was herself wounded. As she lost consciousness, she saw a drone pass over her head.

The Good WoundEdit

Panicking employees reported Winston's situation on an unsecured line. This would draw the attention of John Henry. He told Catherine Weaver about it, who immediately headed to their warehouse. The employees were quickly cleaning up and removing material when Weaver arrived. In typical terminator style, she killed 32 employees present and accessed their computers, then destroyed the factory with its own store of explosives. The employees George McCarthy and Ed Winston, who was at a private clinic at that time, both survived.

Derek Reese and Sarah Connor, returning to investigate, saw the smoke from the explosion from a long distance away.

Desert CantosEdit

The Kaliba Group hosted a funeral for the thirty dead employees. The McCarthy family attended, even though George McCarthy was not actually dead. They were pulling an insurance scam on the company, or so they thought. The family was contacted by John Connor, who struck up conversation with the daughter, Zoe McCarthy. She showed him a mysterious site where cattle had been killed in a mysterious way next to a pool of water.

Due to the secretive atmosphere, the family never questioned George about his work. They were unaware of his previous actions, such as murdering Mike Thompson, his daughter's boyfriend.

Catherine Weaver, hoping to tie up loose ends, sent an agent, Walsh, to find McCarthy. He encountered Derek Reese, who tried to get information out of him, but failed. Sarah Connor had to follow him. Walsh eventually sneaked into the McCarthy house, not knowing he had led Sarah there as well. She followed him inside, and John would later do so as well.

The Connors, Derek Reese, Cameron and the two remaining McCarthys found themselves in the security station under the McCarthy house. Cameron finds video footage of Ed Winston and George McCarthy murdering Mike Thompson and a woman.

The gang later found the body of Walsh by the pool of water, from which emerged a drone. Flying out of site, it entered a semi truck being driven by George McCarthy.



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