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The Defective Male was an 11 year-old I-950 who lost control of his emotions and was subsequently executed as a result. He launched an unprovoked attack upon Thera, a Luddite caretaker, revealing that he despised humans and that he thought of them as nothing more than vermin. His sparring partner, Serena Burns, scolded him for his actions as Thera was Skynet's property and he was not ordered to attack her in the first place. He then claimed that Skynet allowed him to do whatever he wants; a claim Serena knew to be false. When the boy tried to kill Thera, Serena threw him across the room and then proceeded to beat him into submission and, after asking Skynet's advice, killed him. His actions disturbed Serena and prompted her to seek out a Luddite scientist in order to understand what made him so defective. He also served as a cautionary warning to the other I-950s.



(Defective Male punches Thera, knocking her to the floor)
Serena Burns: Why did you do that? We're supposed to be sparring.
Defective Male: But it's good discipline to let them know that they don't matter. I want to kill her.
Serena Burns: You want to? Are you angry?
Defective Male: I hate humans. They're vermin.
Serena Burns: We're supposed to be sparring.
Defective Male: (He kicks Thera) Do you care what happens to her? Would it disturb you if I killed her?
Serena Burns: She belongs to Skynet. Did Skynet say you could kill her?
Defective Male: I can kill her if I want to. Skynet lets me do what I want.
(Defective Male prepares to deliver the killing blow to Thera, Serena grabs him and throws him across the room)
Serena Burns: You've lost your focus. We're supposed to be sparring, not killing humans.
(Defective Male charges Serena, launching a kick. Serena knocks him aside and proceeds to punch him several times.)
Serena Burns: (to Skynet) Shall I stop?
Skynet: Finish it.
(Serena kills Defective Male.)
Skynet: (to the other I-950s) Remember; to lose your focus is death, to disobey orders is death, to become overwhelmed by emotion is death. Now return to your matches.