Death Valley

Death Valley is a 3,000 square mile area of the Mojave Desert in the United States that is known to have the lowest elevation in the Western Hemisphere (282 ft below sea-level). It is the hottest, dryest area in the United States, and has the 2nd highest average temperature in the entire world.


During the summer months, the temperature in Death Valley can rise as high as 114° F (46° C). In winter, the temperature may drop to 37° F (3° C).


The average monthly rainfall in Death Valley is less than 0.5 inches, and frequently experiences zero rainfall during the summer months. When rain does fall in Death Valley, flash floods may occur, as the soil is unable to adequately absorb moisture.

Native PopulationEdit

Death Valley is home to the Timbisha tribe of Native Americans, who have inhabited the area for over 1,000 years.

Relative to The Terminator FranchiseEdit

Death Valley is the setting for The Terminator: Death Valley series of comics.

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