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Daniel Dyson

Daniel "Danny" Dyson, or simply "Dan"[1], born in 1988,[2] is the son of Miles and Tarissa Dyson.


Terminator 2: Judgment Day[]

In 1995,[3] Danny witnessed Sarah Connor's assassination attempt on his father. Before she could kill him, however, John Connor and a T-800 stopped her. Ironically, it was Danny's disobedience of his parents by not going to bed and playing with a remote control truck that saved Miles when Danny bumped the truck into the former's leg, causing him to reach down to confiscate the toy, moving him out of range of Sarah's sniper shot. Afterward, Danny was taken to his room by John, so he would not see the Terminator remove the skin sheath over its arm and hear about the future war and how his father's work led to the emergence of Skynet and Judgment Day. It is unknown what conversation or interaction John had with Danny during this brief time period.

Deviating timelines[]

Note: Several timelines begin after the events of "Terminator 2: Judgment Day", including "Nuclear Twilight", "Terminator: The New John Connor Chronicles", "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles", and a timline where the Judgment Day never happens.

Nuclear Twilight[]

The survivors of the nuclear holocaust of August 29, 1997, stayed underground for years until radiation levels dropped to safer levels. John and Sarah Connor, Tarissa Dyson with her children Danny and Blythe, former detective David Mossberg were all watching the ruined city of Los Angeles. Years later, John Connor visited Danny out of despair and lack of motivation, as he sometimes did when things got rough. While they are gone, resistance soldiers Samuel and Griffith went to check out what Danny really did behind closed doors. While they trusted John Connor, they seemed to doubt Danny because he was the son of Miles Dyson, who was responsible for Skynet's creation. On Danny's computer, they found a copy of Skynet's sourcecode and they suspected that Danny was working for the machines. Warchild

After the Resistance captured a Terminator in a heated battle, Danny replaced the original CPU with a reprogrammed CPU. After many years of work, Danny had programed a virus that was to be implanted into the terminator found by Reese, which they call "Rusty". Their plan was to infect all Terminators with this virus. Dead Men Walking

Skynet's World timeline[]

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Dark Futures

An Evil Hour

Times of Trouble

Jade's World timeline[]

After the Judgment Day in Jade's World, Danny fought with Tech-Com and became augmented as a Specialist. Danny Dyson was sent back to 2001 from 2036 along with Jade, Anton, Selena, and Robert Baxter. He was killed when fighting a T-XA. Dark Futures

John's World timeline[]

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Dark Futures

An Evil Hour

Times of Trouble

Terminator 3: The Redemption[]

Daniel Dyson has become a technician at that time. He was called to reprogram the T-850, so it can go back in time and protect John Connor and Kate Brewster at their younger selves. His color has been changed into white instead of black in the game. He is quickly killed by an HK-Aerial.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles[]

Danny Dyson

In 1999, Danny was there when Sarah Connor, John Connor and Cameron visited the Dyson residence to talk to Daniel's mother, Tarissa. "Pilot"

Eight years later after the Connor family has time travelled forward, in another conversation with Tarissa Dyson, Sarah learns that Daniel has now grown distant and indifferent to both his mother and the memory of his father, as Tarissa mentions Daniel no longer comes to visit his father's grave. "The Turk"

In 2009, when Sarah was in jail, she was informed that Danny had been missing for three months. "Born to Run"


Behind the Scenes[]


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