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Two days ago, I had this nice simple life. And now it's a nightmare.

Daniella "Dani" Ramos is a young Mexican woman, who will become the leader of the Resistance in the future of the Dark Fate timeline.

Original timeline[]

Dani was a factory worker for Arius Motors, a Mexico-based American assembly plant. She worked with her brother, Diego and lived with their father, Vicente, and her pet dog, Taco. She lived a simple life, believing that she had no significant purpose. She and her brother were planing to move to the United States for a better life and sought better medical care for their father.

Post-Judgment Day[]

After Judgment Day, Dani began to gathering survivors and grouped them into Resistance in order to fight against the Legion, the artificial intelligence built for cyber warfare but initiate nuclear holocaust against humans.

Sometime later, Dani found the young Grace Harper, who was being attacked by a group of rogue survivors. Dani then told those attackers that preying upon other survivors was what Legion wanted, which would make the human race become extinct much quicker. Convinced, these survivors decided to join Dani's Resistance to fight against Legion. Since then, Grace had stayed with Dani, while Dani raised Grace like her own daughter.[1][2]


Dani in 2042

At a certain point, Dani was wounded during a battle. Grace, along with the squad led by William Hadrell, escorted Dani back to base on Dragonfly 3. After landing, the transport was destroyed by the enemy force, and the Resistance soldiers began to fight multiple Rev-7 units. Grace was ordered by Hardrell to bring Dani back to base. However, Grace was seriously wounded while protecting Dani, but she succeeded in her mission. After both Dani and Grace were brought back into the base, Grace volunteered to become Augmented.

In 2042, Grace and her unit captured a TD Chamber, neutralizing every unit within the chamber. However, they found that a Rev-9 had been sent back in time to 2020 to kill the younger Dani. Grace volunteered for the time travel mission to 2020 to protect the younger Dani, while Dani was reluctant but granted her request after Grace's begging.[3] Terminator: Dark Fate

Dark Fate timeline[]

In 2020, one day at work, Dani and her brother found themselves being attacked by a Rev-9, who impersonated their father after murdering him, but they were rescued by Grace, who revealed that Dani had been targeted by the Rev-9. After the Rev-9 killed Diego during the pursuit, Dani and Grace were saved by Sarah Connor, an aged fighter who had extensive knowledge about Terminators.

Dani and Sarah learned that in the near future, an artificial intelligence called Legion, designed for cyber-warfare, would go rogue and declare war on humanity. Sarah believed that Legion targeted Dani because she would be destined to be the mother of the Legion's greatest enemy, who would lead the freedom fighters of the future against the machines to victory, only to discover that Dani herself was the machine's nemesis, not her child.

Dark Fate 01

Dani, Grace, and Sarah visited Felipe Gandal, Dani's uncle and a coyote, to cross the Mexico-U.S. border and find the person who sent the Time Bubbles' coordinates to Sarah. The trio managed to cross the border with Flacco, but they were arrested by the United States Border Patrol, who had been tipped off by the Rev-9. The Rev-9 crashed a surveillance UAV into the ground to kill Dani, but she was saved by Grace, who was knocked unconscious by the crash.

The group was taken to the State of Texas Detention and Processing Center, where Dani unsuccessfully tried to convince an agent that there was a machine from the future trying to kill her. Dani was broken out by Grace, who had escaped the infirmary and spotted the Rev-9 in the building disguised as an agent. They ran outside and stole a helicopter when Dani saw Sarah running towards them just as the Rev-9 did the same. Dani refused to leave Sarah behind and got off the helicopter to fire at the Rev-9, narrowly avoiding death when Sarah boarded and Grace took off. Dani was scolded by Grace for putting herself at risk, which Sarah agreed with.

The trio arrived at the mystery texter's location, where they found Carl, a Series 800 Model 101 Terminator who had gained self-awareness after killing Sarah's son, John. Dani comforted Sarah when she revealed that she was forgetting John's face because she never took any pictures of him to hide him from the machines.

After Sarah agreed to work with Carl to protect Dani, she proposed that they use Dani to lure the Rev-9 into a kill box. Despite Grace's refusal, Dani agreed with the plan, saying that she wanted to stand and fight, not hide. The group met with Sarah's contact, Major Dean, to acquire an EMP weapon and were attacked by the Rev-9 on a helicopter. They fled to Bingham Air Force Base where Dani, Grace, Sarah, and Carl boarded a C-5 to escape.The Rev-9 jumped onto the plane after Sarah and Carl destroyed the helicopter with gunfire, but Dani and Sarah managed to push the machine off the plane with Carl's van.

The group discovered the EMP weapon had been damaged during the firefight, after which Grace revealed that Dani was the Resistance's leader who had saved her in the future, not her son. They were interrupted by the Rev-9's arrival when the Terminator used a hijacked aerial refueling tanker aircraft to ram their plane and climbed inside. Dani, Grace, and Sarah escaped the crashing plane on a Humvee while Carl fought the Rev-9. The Humvee parachuted down to a dam, where Dani and Sarah tangled up the Rev-9 underwater using a parachute.


Dani, now determined to become the future leader of the Resistance

Dani and Sarah rejoined Grace and Carl, and faced the Rev-9 again in the turbine room. Grace and Carl stuck the Rev-9 inside a turbine and caused an explosion, damaging them both. At Grace's insistence, Dani tearfully cut out the Augment's thorium reactor to use as a weapon. Dani confronted the Rev-9, but was overpowered. With Carl’s help, Dani managed to stick the reactor into Rev-9's skull. Dani watched as Carl dropped the Rev-9 and himself into a pit and the reactor destroyed both Terminators.

Some time later, Dani and Sarah travelled to see young Grace, who was in a playground with her younger brother and their parents. Before leaving, Dani vowed to protect Grace in the current timeline and Sarah told her that she had to be ready for the coming new Judgment Day and Future War ahead. Terminator: Dark Fate

Physical description[]

Dani is a Hispanic woman in her early twenties with long dark brown hair and brown eyes with a height of 1.58 m (5'2").

See also[]

  • Jane Connor - Another female Resistance leader, who led humanity to defeat the machines.