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Two days ago, I had this nice simple life. And now it's a nightmare.

Daniella "Dani" Ramos is a young woman who will become the leader of Resistance in the future of the Dark Fate timeline.


Daniella "Dani" Ramos was a factory worker for Aurius Moters, a Mexico-based American assembly plant. She worked with her brother, Diego and lived with their father, Vincente. She lived a simple life, believing that she has no significant purpose. She and her brother were planing to move to the United States for a better life and sought better medical care for their father.

One day at work, she and her brother found themselves being attacked by a Rev-9, who impersonate as their father after it murdered him, but they are rescued by Grace, who revealed that Dani targeted by the Rev-9. After the Rev-9 killed Diego during the pursuit, Dani and Grace were saved by Sarah Connor, an aged fighter who had extensive knowledge about Terminators.

Dani and Sarah learned that in the near future, an artificial intelligence called Legion, designed for cyberwarfare, would go rogue and declare war on humanity. Sarah believed that Legion targeted Dani because she would be destined to be the mother of the Legion's greatest enemy, who would lead the freedom fighters of the future against the machines to victory, only to discover that Dani herself was the machine's nemesis, not her child. Terminator: Dark Fate

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Dani is a Hispanic woman in her early twenties with long dark brown hair and brown eyes.




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  • Jane Connor - Another female Resistance leader who led human to defeat the machines.


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