Damaged T-600 crawling.

The damaged T-600 was one of the T-600 Terminators deployed in Skynet VLA.

Terminator SalvationEdit


After an explosion due to a booby trap triggered by a part of the Resistance members, the helicopter piloted by John Connor crashed into the ground. Though John managed to get himself out of the wreckage, a damaged T-600 with only upper body suddenly attacked him from behind.

The damaged T-600 continued to chase John Connor despite the fact its lower body had been destroyed. The T-600 ripped one of John's boots before following him into a wreckage of a helicopter. Upon getting into the wreckage, John immediately made use of the M60 machine gun on board the chopper to shoot its head directly in the close range, destroying the machine once and for all. Terminator Salvation


  • In the Terminator Salvation comic adaption, it is implied that the T-600 crushed by the helicopter is the damaged T-600, who crawls on the ground, trying to kill John Connor, even though it was shot in the head by Connor after being crushed by the helicopter.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The scene in which the T-600 crawling on the ground to chase John Connor is apparently a references to the T-800, who chased Sarah Connor by crawling after its lower body was destroyed in the film The Terminator.


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  • John Connor (6-inch Action Figures, 2009)
John Connor comes with the torso of the Damaged T-600.



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