D810.X upon arrival

D810.X is the designation of a Series 800 terminator deployed by Skynet with D800.L to the Death Valley region in 1998. The model 810 covering of this unit is that of a burly red-headed man. Although deployed simultaneously from 2029, there was a temporal shift that caused D810.X to arrive slightly later than D800.L.

This unit was responsible for the termination of numerous Death Valley park rangers, police, members of Killerman's biker gang, and several civilians at a desert diner. Misled by Killerman, who had claimed knowledge of the location of Sarah and John Connor, these two units pursued him to the Norden family. Unfortunately for the Nordens, Killerman believed them to be the Connors.

D810.X may have suffered a flaw in its programming due to the temporal shift, and it increasingly became fascinated with the meaning of life and the living. Increasingly rebellious, ignoring directives from D800.L, and interfering with the termination of non-threatening humans, this unit even spared VanDirk then lied about it to D800.L. D810.X and its companion unit were finally terminated by the bounty hunter VanDirk, with three sticks of dynamite salvaged from the Skull Mine.

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