Cyberdyne Systems Laboratory,[1] also known as Advanced Defense Systems Complex,[2], is a Cyberdyne Systems complex located in Colorado, where Skynet was developed.


2029 and Rampage timelinesEdit

In 2029, Cyberdyne Systems Laboratory, located in Cheyenne Mountain, had become Skynet Control Nexus, where the Resistance discovered the ACE Battle Armor.

In Rampage alternate original timeline, Meta-Node infiltrated the Cyberdyne Systems Laboratory years after 1984 and later initiated Judgment Day, massacring human race. However, the timeline was changed as the John Connor sent a lone commando back to the past to stop the Meta-Node successfully.

The New John Chronicles timelinesEdit

In Skynet's World, Miles Dyson moved his family to Colorado and he continued his work at Advanced Defense Systems Complex, an underground Cyberdyne facility provided by NORAD. Skynet Central Core was installed in this facility. Dark Futures

In John's World, Dr. Rosanna Monk had built a prototype Time Vault in the Advanced Defense Systems Complex. John Connor, Sarah Connor, Danny Dyson, Jade, Anton, and Selena went to the facility to stop the Cyberdyne from developing Skynet. There, they battled the T-XA. In the end, the T-XA was destroyed while both Danny and Selena were killed in the process. Dark Futures

Later, Dr. Monk and John worked together to complete the Time Vault so John could travelled to Skynet's World to help the Resistance. An Evil Hour



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