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Cyberdyne Systems is the tech corporation responsible for the development of Skynet.


The Terminator[]


Terminator 1984 - Deleted scene 7 - The Factory

Cyberdyne initially began as a manufacturing corporation at 18144 El Camino Real, Sunnyvale, California.[1] Founded in the early 1980s, its products were possibly computers or processors, as well as some sort of smaller parts producer for larger manufacturers of high tech equipment.[2] As of 1984, the small company owned a factory.

A T-800 Terminator, which was sent from the future and designed to kill humans, programmed to assassinate Sarah Connor, was crushed in one of the hydraulic presses in Cyberdyne's factory. Thus, the company obtained the machine's wreckage, including its CPU chip and an arm. The Terminator[3]

Deviating timelines[]

Tempest timeline[]

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Rampage timeline[]

After its arrival in 1984, Meta-Node was able to reach Cyberdyne Systems Laboratory in Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado. It provided the technical data, which accelerated the development of Skynet. This leap of engineering accelerated the events that led to Skynet achieving self-awareness, thereby making any Resistance futile. The Meta-Node then serve as information tutor and guardian, uploading to the fledgling Skynet all the tactical data gathered about the future, then protecting it so it could carry out Judgment Day. As Skynet of this timeline gained various knowledge from the Meta-Node, there would be no Resistance after the nuclear holocaust.

However, as John Connor and part of team was in a null-time fields, he was able to sent a Resistance commando back to 1988 to destroyed the Meta-Node in the Cyberdyne Systems Laboratory. The Terminator: Rampage

Judgment Day timeline[]

Cyberdyne Systems headquarters

In the Original timeline, after studying the wreckage of the T-800, Cyberdyne reverse engineered its CPU and created a powerful new microprocessor for weapons systems, becoming a major contractor for the US military.

Cyberdyne eventually developed Skynet, a network of supercomputers that employed artificial intelligence in order to replace human beings as commercial and military aircraft pilots, and for the control of other military systems, including nuclear missiles. The system went online on August 4, 1997. On August 29, 1997, Skynet became self-aware. In a panic, its creators attempted to shut it down, but Skynet retaliated by launching a nuclear attack against Russia, knowing that the Russian counterattack would eliminate its enemies in the United States, initiating an indeterminately long period of global warfare. The battle pitted humans against Cyberdyne machines, which developed ever-increasing capabilities. Although the company was presumably shut down or destroyed, the event was later known as Judgment Day.

Cyberdyne Systems facility is destroyed.

In Judgment Day timeline, Sarah Connor, her son John, and a reprogrammed T-800 went to destroy the Cyberdyne Building with the help from Miles Dyson in order to prevent Judgment Day from occurring., However, Dyson was fatally shot by SWAT during the incident. Terminator 2: Judgment Day

T2 3-D: Battle Across Time timeline[]

During the late 1990s, the company managed to recovered from the destruction of Cyberdyne Building in 1995 and had resumed the development of Skynet, as well as creating T-70 and T1.

Cyberdyne Systems is revealed in Kimberly Duncan's presentation to be a company similar to a combination of the real-world tech companies IBM, Apple Inc., and Microsoft among others. T2 3-D: Battle Across Time

Dr. Peter Silberman became the director of Cyberdyne's Employee Health & Wellness Center. T2 3-D: Battle Across Time queue video

T2 Trilogy[]

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The New John Connor Chronicles[]

Skynet's World timeline
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Jade's World timeline
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John's World timeline
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Rise of the Machines timeline[]

In Rise of the Machines timeline, after the destruction of Cyberdyne Building, Cyberdyne was rendered defunct. In response, the United States Air Force contracted with Cyber Research Systems, who purchased patents from Cyberdyne Systems and backed up its research data off-site to develop Skynet and other advanced weapons, including Terminators and Hunter-Killers such as T-1, T-600, T-800, and Hunter-Killer Aerial Weapons Platform.[4]

The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline[]

Shortly after being hacked, John Henry was able to discern that his systems had been infiltrated by another Artificial Intelligence based on the code used in his own creation. An analysis of the code revealed that the code was created by Cyberdyne Systems R&D Specialist Miles Dyson before his death.[5] "To the Lighthouse"

Salvation timeline[]

Despite the incident in 1995, Cyberdyne was still in existence as of 2003 when Dr. Serena Kogan convinced Marcus Wright to sign a paper to donate his body to Project Angel, a project of the genetics division of Cyberdyne Systems. TS

At a certain point, Cyberdyne was sold to the United States Air Force, who then continued the development of Skynet,[6] possibly cooperating with Skynet Research.

Genisys timeline[]

As a result of a attempted assassination of Sarah Connor in 1973, the timeline was altered. In 1984, after another attempted assassination of Sarah Connor, The wreckage of the T-800 was completely destroyed by Pops. This prevented Cyberdyne Systems from obtaining the wreckage for reverse engineering. In order to ensure the creation of Skynet, Alex had John Connor, now converted into T-3000 and brainwashed as a collaborator, sent to 2014 to provide Cyberdyne System with the source code and knowhow, which led to the creation of Genisys, as well as mimetic polyalloy and quantum field generator, the precursor of the Time Displacement Device] under the Cyberdyne Headquarters.

However, 13 hours before the Genysis was fully activated, the headquaters were destroyed by Sarah Connor, Kyle Reese, and Pops. Nevertheless, the core of Genisys survived the explosion that leveled the buildings. Terminator Genisys

Employees at Cyberdyne[]

Projects and Products[]


The reboot screen of T-800 as seen in Terminator Genisys.

Cyberdyne Systems Corporation logo in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. (Based upon the logo seen in the footnote that John Henry downloads after being hacked in "To the Lighthouse".)

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In the first five drafts of the script of The Terminator, Kyle Reese refers to the company as Cyber Dynamics.[8] Cyberdyne is likely derived or a portmanteau of the words "Cyber Dynamics".
  • "cyber-", originating from "cybernetics", refers to technology related to computers and Internet. While "dyne" originates from the Ancient Greek δῠ́νᾰμῐς (dunamis), meaning "force".
  • Universal Orlando Resort, Universal Studios Hollywood and Universal Studios Japan have full size Cyberdyne Corporation lobbies for their ride T2 3-D: Battle Across Time where visitors are treated to a PR film by Cyberdyne extolling the virtues of the Skynet system and Cyberdyne's other "security" and "consumer" oriented innovations and are often harassed by an impatient company hostess named Kimberly Duncan.
  • Cyberdyne, Inc is also the name of a real life Japanese company which manufactures robotic suits.[9]
  • The company "Hyperdyne Systems" which manufactures synthetics in the Alien franchise is a play on Cyberdyne.
  • Cyberdyne's buildings in Terminator: Genisys are actually the headquarters of the Oracle Corporation, another computer technology corporation.[10]


Video games


Kyle Reese: (While being interviewed by Dr. Silberman) ...a defense network computer, a modified Series 4800, built for SAC-NORAD by Cyber Dynamics.
The Terminator original script


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