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Cyber Research Systems Corporation (CRS) is the corporation which completed the development of Skynet and built the initial Terminator units to replace US soldiers in field combat.



In Rise of the Machines timeline, after the destruction of Cyberdyne Building, the United States Air Force contracted with Cyber Research Systems, who purchased patents from Cyberdyne Systems, who backed up its research data off-site, to develop Skynet and other advanced weapons, including Terminators and Hunter-Killers such as T-1, T-600, T-800, and Hunter-Killer Aerial Weapons Platform. Lieutenant General Robert Brewster was in charge of the project.[1]

By the year 2003[1] (2004[2]), Cyber Research Systems had created several different series of relatively primitive Terminators, such as T-1 and T-600[3] to replace U.S. soldiers in field combat before Judgment Day.[1][2]

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