Crystal Peak was an outdated command-center used by the United States military in the Sierra Nevada.

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In Rise of the Machines timeline, After realizing Skynet was taking control over the military force and about to start the nuclear war, General Robert Brewster told John Connor and Kate Brewster to go to Crystal Peak. John and Kate misunderstood General Brewster and believed they can shut down the core system of Skynet there. John Connor, Kate Brewster, and the T-850 head to Crystal Peak in order to destroy Skynet, only to find out that Skynet is not located here.

The T-850 and the T-X battled at Crystal Peak, with the T-850 using its last remaining hydrogen fuel cell to destroy the T-X along with itself. Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines

In T2 Saga timeline, Kate Brewster was killed in 2007 and John Connor placed her body in the morgue. After Kate's death, John became extreme frustrated, even so desperate that he decided to stay in the bunker to keep him away from the War. However, in 2009, the cooling unit inside Crystal Peak had failed to a point that John was unable to repair it. Hence, John Connor finally decided to leave the bunker for Los Angeles to face his destiny. Infinity issue 1

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