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A Collaborator[1] is a human who works with Skynet. In Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles timeline, the collaborators are specifically known as "Grays".


Salvation timeline[]

The Collaborators appeared right after Judgment Day: In 2003, when the Russian submarine Gorshkov arrived to land, the crew found a T-1 manufacturing plant. Watching it, and the slave human workers were Terminators and human collaborators, mainly American and Russian military defectors, who tried to pursue the sailors and even attempted to kill them.

Weeks later, the Gorshkov was contacted by another surviving Russian vessel, the destroyer Smetlivy. Under the command of a so-called Captain Konstantin Frantz, attempted to capture or sink the submarine, but they did not fall under that trap. Frantz, when confronted by Dmitri Losenko, captain of the Gorshkov, confessed they were collaborators, but pointed than the Terminators were keeping their families hostage, and than a machine was behind him, ready to kill him if he don't obey. The Gorshkov's crew and Resistance copters, managing to sink the destroyer with all hands.

Some time later, during a Resistance's summit in the Galapagos Islands, the gathered people were attacked. One of the attackers was Captain Bela Utyosov, a friend of Losenko, and he attempted to kill the Resistance leaders who tried to escape, before being killed. Two attack copters, implied to be crewed by collaborators, attempted to destroy the submarine USS Wilmington, but they were downed by the Gorshkov, who was sink in his turn.

After Skynet massively produced Terminators, the Collaborators numbers appears to have decreased greatly. Most of the remaining ones appears to be scientists, such as those behind the development of Hybrids. Terminator Salvation: Cold War

It was said than the Resistance hated the collaborators deeply, though the fighters could be very painfully when killing collaborators.

Notable Collaborators[]

The reasons to collaborate with Skynet can be various, for example:

  • Dudley was reconstructed into a cyborg with protocols, so he had to work for Skynet forcibly. He was not a willing collaborator and he was awaiting all the time for a chance to turn against the machines, which he did finally.
  • Sam Marshall worked with Skynet in exchange for permission to live.
  • Bela Utyosov claimed he join Skynet to protect his families, who were held as hostages, and so did other collaborators. However, some of them apparently believed than Skynet would pacify the world and bring peace and prosperity to those humans who survived.
  • Milton Bishop, feeling that the war was hopeless, attempted to trade intelligence on the Resistance to Skynet in exchange for sparing his own life. As Bishop could not offer Skynet anything that it could not simply take by force, it simply pulled the data from his brain by force before having him dissected alive.
  • The Stone Brothers joined Skynet for their personal agendas.
  • Serena Kogan worked with Skynet as a scientist along with other Hybrids after she was converted into a T-H.
  • Thomas Parnell worked with Skynet because he simply enjoyed killing people for fun. Eventually, he turned against Skynet, who then collaborate with the Resistance.
  • When being held in a Skynet research facility, Baron was raped by a human traitor, who sold what information he could to Skynet in exchange for the luxuries most people could not get anymore.
  • Blair Williams was briefly seen as a collaborator by the Tech-Com after she helped Marcus Wright to escape from the Resistance base.
  • Technically, Marcus Wright was unintentionally a Collaborator as he was awoken and monitor by Skynet, leading John Connor to a trap.

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