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Clea Bennet was an I-950 Infiltrator created by Serena Burns in the past on her mission to ensure the creation of Skynet.


Clea Bennet was created via parthenogenesis inside a captured human surrogate, who was terminated a few weeks after her birth. Her clone maturation was artificially accelerated beyond the normal parameters of I-950 development, going through the process up to six times in the rush to provide assistance to Serena Burns. This overly rapid development may have caused some neurological damage during her growth stages that she suspects is impairing her capabilities.

Unlike her progenitor, who was trained in the future by Skynet and Luddite scientists, Clea developed isolated in a Montana cabin, with only Series 800 Terminators and her creche-mate Alissa for company.

Her mission parameters include technological advancement of human sciences to a point capable of creating the tools and materials required for fully functional Terminators and HK's to flood immediately onto the post-nuclear wastelands that Judgment Day would create. To that end she hacked into numerous scientists computers around the world, slightly altering their research and programs to seed the ground for the innovations Skynet would require.

Finding her socialization suffering, she entered human society with her first job in a local burger joint. Initial infiltration was a problem and she was fired for being "creepy" due to her machine perfect record and duty performance. Later efforts to ingratiate herself with the Technology researchers at Cyberdyne were ensured by her presentation of the proto-material for the T-1000 mimetic polyalloy. She also altered her appearance to avoid association with her predecessor by wearing more makeup, altering her hair to a dark brunette shade and wearing eyeglasses to break up her facial features. This worked against the Cyberdyne executives, but not against the Connors, who recognized her instantly as "Serena" when she appeared on a documentary video sent to the Connors by Wendy Dorset on the miraculous intellimetal being unveiled at an art exhibit at the Lincoln Center.

Clea Bennet was confronted by Dieter von Rossbach and Cyberdyne Security agent Tricker in an Antarctic Skynet research facility. Dieter stabbed her in the back, severing her spine and the aorta. Tricker shot her twice in the head execution style before she could reanimate. Two hours after the humans left the facility, the cybernetic implants activated what remained of her body, and imparted her Terminator-centric worldview into the newly sentient Skynet. After this, and sending an update of her situation to Alissa, her circuitry finally failed.


  • After exhausting the supply of Future-tech Terminator CPUs smuggled to the past by Serena Burns, Clea, still facing several years of technological innovation to go before being able to replicate true chips with contemporary tools and materials, was still able to craft her own version of CPUs with 97.3% comparable efficiency. Utilizing these chips, she ramped up the production of Series 800 Terminators begun by her predecessor.