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Chola is a female member of Carlos' gang. First seen as Sarah Connor and Cameron arrived to make arrangements with Carlos for fake ID's. In the last Episode of the first season she survives the massacre at Carlos place and finds her way to locate the Connors. She takes her revenge on the actors of the massacre by leading Sarah, Derek and Cameron to the gangs place. In the end Cameron let her stay alive despite that Chola is in cognition of the closely guarded secret about their "hideout".

Following the capture of Sarah Connor, Chola found Cameron and John Connor to give them new fake IDs. She then gave them a message from Sarah not to come for her.


  • 'Chola' is Spanish for "female hoodlum", usually one who wears a lot of make up and dresses flashy with an over-abundance of accessories and jewelry.
  • Her job as a lookout seems to contradict her title in the credits, as a Chola would attract a lot of attention. A lookout would normally be non-descript.
  • The police officer that Cameron almost killed addressed the chola as "Baby Girl". [citation needed]
  • Cameron's statement to Chola; "So, do I have to kill you now?" has led many fans to believe that she and Cameron are somehow connected.
  • In none of the first season episodes was she shown to speak a word despite having a significant number of scenes. However, in many circles, lookouts are encouraged to remain silent, as it enables them to be more inconspicuous. She finally spoke in Season 2's "Born to Run".