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Charley Dixon is a paramedic and Sarah Connor's former fiancé.

Season One[]

Charley and Sarah were engaged briefly in 1999, until Sarah had a dream that she and her son were going to be attacked by a Terminator. Without telling Charley or breaking off the engagement, Sarah went on the run with her son, John Connor.

Charley learned of Sarah's disappearance, and made a missing persons report to the police. This triggered an alert to the FBI. An FBI agent named James Ellison told Charley that his fiancée was actually a bomber and had killed Miles Dyson, who was going to create the computer software known as Skynet. However, when he typed this information into a computer, the Terminator unit Cromartie learned of the whereabouts of John and Sarah and attempted to kill John at his school.

When he heard that Sarah was involved in a bank robbery, he rode his bike to the bank only to find that the place was completely vaporized. For a long time, he'd thought Sarah killed herself.

By year 2007, Sarah was spotted naked on a freeway after the time jump, and a cell phone video of her was put on the local news where Charley saw it. He was amazed to see that Sarah was not only alive, but appeared not to have aged at all.

Later, John Connor did some research in an internet cafe and came across Charley's name in some newspaper articles. He traveled to Charley's house and found out that the EMT had married a nurse. Charley reached out to touch John, and he responded by assaulting him and knocking him down.

A little while later, John came to him for help. He later came to the Connor's new home where a dying man, Derek Reese, was lying. Charley did everything he could to save him but Reese required a blood transfusion. He took a volunteering John's help and managed to save Reese. Sarah then told him everything about the future, their travel and Skynet. Charley then witnessed Cameron Phillips melt a T-888 into molten slag.

After Cromartie had killed nearly all of the FBI members that raided his place, Charley was sent to the scene, only to see the horror that had happened.

Season Two[]

Following the death of his wife, Charley left LA and the Connors behind.

It is revealed in the episode, To the Lighthouse that Charley moved to a house out on the coast with a lighthouse built directly next to it. Sarah brings John to Charley's house because he is the only person who she trusts. Charley is the first person that Sarah shows the bump in her breast, which she believes could be cancer and he comforts her. The next day, Sarah goes to the hospital to get the lump checked out and John and Charley who've been out come home expecting to find her there. As they realize she is not, the alarms go off and signal that somebody has crossed the perimeter Charley had set up along his house and both he and John flee to the docks where he has a boat ready to escape on. As John readies the boat, Charley fights the unseen attacker with a rifle and flips a switch that will activate the bombs he has set up underneath the dock. Later, Sarah returns to the house and finds Charley's body, four bullet holes in his chest, floating in the water and the boat - as well as John - gone.

Relationship with Sarah Connor[]

Dixon is Sarah's ex-fiancé. He believed that she had died in the bank explosion of 1999, but recognized her eight years later on a news report about Sarah, John, and Cameron, who were mistaken for pranksters after appearing nude on a freeway as the result of time travel.

Charley obviously still has feelings for Sarah and vice versa, but things are complicated when it's revealed that Charley married another woman in the time between the Connors' forward time travel. Things are further complicated when Charley's wife is killed as a result of Cromartie's kidnapping of her and the attempt to kill the Connors that ensued. It is later revealed that Charley has left Los Angeles.

Charley Dixon moved to a Resistance Safehouse setup by Sarah following Michelle's death. He had rigged several explosives and defenses should he need to escape quickly including - as a last ditch - a dog lived with him. He said that he saw his wife everywhere following her death, but that it was getting easier. Following their need to move out of their current house, John and Sarah came to spend the night with him. While there Sarah revealed she had a lump on her breast and that she would die of cancer in the original timeline. She left John with Charley while she went to be tested.

While Sarah was out an intruder came and attacked the Safehouse. Charley was killed by what appeared to be three gunshots to the chest and was floating in the water next to the dock where John had escaped by boat.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Charley Dixon is played by Dean Winters.
  • In the original pilot, the character was named Burke Daniels, played by Tim Guinee.