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The Cyberdyne Systems Series K Quadrupedal Fighting Vehicle[1], HK-Walker[1], HK-Centurion[2] or Centurion is a quadruped walker-style ground Non-Humanoid Hunter Killer unit developed by Skynet.


Nuclear Twilight[]

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"Dead Men Walking"

The New John Connor Chronicles[]

In Skynet's World timeline, a T-800 was destroyed by a Centurion. Dark Futures

Terminator: Infinity[]


During a raid on Skynet's Denver base, John Connor found the factory of Centurions and piloted one of them to rescue Tara Holden and her unit. Terminator Infinity #05

Terminator: Resistance[]


A T-800 Infiltrator breached a Resistance bunker, where it found schematics of a Centurion drawn by members of the Resistance to analyze any weaknesses of the unit. Terminator: Resistance [Infiltrator Mode]

At a certain point, a Centurion was among a Skynet force that ambushed Jacob Rivers and Kyle Reese. Another Centurion was later encountered and fought when Jacob Rivers and Kyle Reese are searching for Jacob's father, who was imprisoned by Skynet. They neutralized it by shooting at its sensor nodes on its head.

It is equipped with dual plasma cannons, dual chain guns and missiles that leave burning pools of plasma when detonated.


The Centurion is nearly twenty meters tall and consists of an upper torso similar to that of the HK-Tank set on four pincer-toed legs. It's armed with independently tracking weapon arms, each equipped with a plasma cannon and a grenade launcher. Centurions are often supported by smaller versions of the same design.[1]

Mission Profile[]

The Centurion was designed to pursue humans into rugged territories that HK-Tanks couldn’t navigate.[1]



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