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A pregnant Catherine Weaver as seen in a video

Catherine Weaver was the CEO of the Zeira Corporation, who was killed in a helicopter accident and replaced by a Series 1001 Terminator. She was married to Lachlan Weaver.[1]Catherine and Lachlan had a daughter called Savannah Weaver.

Catherine Weaver was an outgoing and energetic woman, incredibly intelligent, but a virtual Luddite in regards to her personal use of high technology. Her modest beginnings as the daughter of a butcher in Edinburgh influenced her to the end. An incident occurs in 2002 where Catherine supposedly survived a helicopter crash, losing her husband Lachlan, however, it is likely that the real Catherine died and was replaced by a mimetic polyalloy Terminator on a mission to save mankind from Skynet. "The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short"

Matt Murch described Catherine Weaver as being a very funny woman prior to the incident where her husband died. "The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short"


  • As depicted in the taped interview, the original Catherine was a human woman carrying a child. After Savannah Weaver's birth and in the aftermath of the helicopter crash that took Lachlan's life, "Catherine" survived and instituted the sweeping changes to Zeira Corp's mandate. In all likelihood, the T-1001, now posing as Catherine Weaver, killed them both in (or with) the crash and assumed the mantle as CEO. It would be easier to institute sweeping changes under cover of the grief at her loss, without having to maintain a high-risk personal relationship, making for a higher probability of success in infiltration and execution of its plans. The infant Savannah would have been preserved due to the fact that she posed no immediate threat to the T-1001's infiltration, and her termination would bring too close an examination of her circumstances.
  • Edinburgh is also the hometown of Weaver's portrayer, Shirley Manson.


Lachlan Weaver: Strangest thing about her? Um, well, for one of the best minds in the tech world, she's practically a Luddite.
Catherine: You liar.
Lachlan Weaver: Bicycle or car?
Catherine: Bicycle.
Lachlan Weaver: Mm-hmm. Electric or acoustic?
Catherine: He thinks he's so smart.
Lachlan Weaver: No, no, no, I just know you, that's all. Tell them how you work from home. (Catherine sighs) Come on. Come on, tell them.
Catherine: My father was a butcher. One of the oldest shops in Edinburgh. We didn't have a lot of money for school supplies.
Lachlan Weaver: She writes on butcher's paper. Like, big rolls of it with grease pencils.
Catherine: I like the way it smells.



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