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This page is about the Terminator replacement. For the original human, see Catherine Weaver (human).

"Catherine Weaver" is a mysterious rogue Terminatrix, who traveled from the future, seemingly as part of an infiltration mission to build an artificial intelligence to fight Skynet.[2] Catherine is a T-1001[3] who has assumed control of a technology company, the Zeira Corporation, and is the recipient of the Turk.


The T-1001 is intensely protective of her "son", John Henry. She will do anything to protect him, including disregard the safety of her "daughter", Savannah Weaver. She also murdered several humans to ensure John Henry's existence was a secret.

Weaver has not been adept at mimicking human emotions. Like other Terminators, she has been unable to produce convincing smiles, such as when she posed for a photo shoot,[4] or relate to people, such as commenting about a butcher's paper,[4] despite being more advanced than the T-1000, which seemed to be better at social interaction. However, she was able to successfully lead a company and use literary allegories.

Like Cromartie, Catherine Weaver seems to express a slight sense of humor. This is displayed when she terminates Justin Tuck and later, Mr. Nelson.


Post–Judgment Day[]


The answer is "No".

Under orders from John Connor, the USS Jimmy Carter was ordered deep into Skynet-controlled territory to dock with an oil platform. They were to recover from that base a case for immediate delivery to the Resistance Headquarters at Serrano Point Nuclear Power Plant.

While underway back to the United States, a group of soldiers went to a storage locker to examine the mysterious box that had been recovered. Although Queeg claimed to have been instructed by John Connor to do this, the crew did not trust him and so opened the box. Discovering a liquid-metal T-1001, Goodnow raised her firearm and was killed. In the process, the Terminator took her appearance and escaped by slithering through an air vent.

Before Jesse Flores managed to leave the ship, which they are abandoning after Queeg is killed for refusing to comply with the crew's orders, the T-1001 delivers her message to Jesse, telling her that it is for John Connor. It is simply The answer is "No". Then the Terminator slithered away through the water. It is presumed that this T-1001 went back in time, replacing Catherine Weaver to take her place to create an AI that could be sympathetic to humans, giving them an advantage against Skynet.

Note: Judging from Josh Friedman's statement that Weaver's backstory would be explored in the second half of Season 2, it can be reasonably assumed that Catherine Weaver was the T-1001 from the Jimmy Carter. The viewers were told we would get her backstory by season end and Catherine Weaver was familiar with the mission as evidenced by her message to Cameron delivered by Ellison.
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Pre-Judgment Day[]

201 5 Catherine Turk

Catherine Weaver at her desk within Zeira Corp headquarters.

At Zeira Corp headquarters, Catherine Weaver arranges to acquire the Turk from Walsh for $300,000. During her meeting with Walsh, Weaver tells him exactly what makes the Turk so unique. She then ominously calls a meeting of her department heads for later that evening.

During Weaver's department head meeting, she announces her decision to pull key employees from each department to work on a brand-new "Babylon" division, whose work, she says, will "change the world".

After the meeting, two of Weaver's department heads, Matt Murch and Justin Tuck, discuss the Babylon-related changes in the company washroom. After Matt departs, Justin proceeds to the urinal, while saying, "God, that bitch pisses me off." Then, he watches, stunned, as the urinal morphs into a silver, liquid-metal mass, from which Weaver emerges. Weaver, seemingly disgusted by her employee's disrespectful attitude, forms her finger into a metal spike, then uses it to impale Justin through the head, killing him instantly. "Samson & Delilah"

After the incident in Serrano Point Nuclear Power Plant, she poses as Bradbury, a representative of Automite Systems, who declares his company's intentions of taking over the plant at a press conference. "He" announces the introduction of artificial intelligences to eradicate the possibility of human error during plant operations. "Automatic for the People"

Shortly thereafter, Weaver meets with FBI Agent James Ellison in her office to talk about the FBI massacre. She shows Ellison photographic evidence of an endoskeleton hand and chest piece involved in a plane crash five years ago. She tells him that she knows that it was a robot that tried to kill John Connor in Red Valley, New Mexico, in 1999. Weaver also says that she knows that a robot was involved in the FBI massacre. She tells Ellison that she was working on reverse engineering the same robot technology with her "late husband" and that she wants to hire Ellison to find out about these robots and to even catch one for her company. Later, it is revealed that the T-1001 has raised Catherine Weaver's daughter, Savannah.[5] "The Mousetrap"

205SCC Nelson and a Bar Skank

The T-1001, in disguise, talking with Nelson.

Weaver learns from Ellison that due to the executive manager's interference, the Serrano Point Nuclear Power Plant will be closed down for inspection by the NRC until August 2009. Because she knows that the power plant is crucial to the Resistance success in the future, she takes action to ensure that the power plant remains operational. With the intention of seducing and killing the power plant's executive manager, Mr. Nelson, she changes her appearance, presumably to both avoid detection and to appear more like his "type". She proceeds to find him in a bar and lure him outside. After a very brief session of heavy petting during which Nelson proves himself to be an embarrassingly inadequate lover, Weaver forms her tongue into a polyalloy weapon, slides it into his mouth and suffocates him, thereby ensuring that Serrano Point would remain open. "Goodbye to All That"

206SCC Weaver meetings

Catherine Weaver speaking with Sherman about the Turk.

During a photoshoot, Savannah refuses to participate, apparently terrified of her own mother, and one of the photographers suggests Dr. Boyd Sherman, a psychologist, for counseling. When Sherman comes over to ZeiraCorp as a consultant, Weaver asks him to observe the same images the Turk was repeating over and over again. Sherman saw the Turk as asking "Why is a math book so sad", a child's riddle. Weaver then asks him to work for ZeiraCorp. "The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short"


The T-1001 poses as Detective Kaplan.

When Ellison was arrested, Weaver posed as a Detective Kaplan to interrogate the eyewitness who saw "James Ellison" kill a man and steal his clothes immediately after he arrived in the present. After some coaxing, he got the man to admit that Ellison only killed the man after "materializing out of thin air in an energy bubble", a fact which he had omitted in his original statement. The judge therefore thought it was the fabrication of an obviously delusional man and Ellison was allowed to go. "Brothers of Nablus"

Ellison later brings Weaver the inactive body of Cromartie, a T-888, hoping to find a way to beat the Terminators. "Complications"

The developed Turk, John Henry, had accidentally killed Dr. Sherman. Ellison tells Weaver that they must teach the AI the difference between right and wrong. Weaver takes his advice into account by connecting John Henry to Cromartie's repaired body, acting as its voice. She tells Ellison to teach John Henry. Soon afterward John Henry determines that Weaver is not human. "Strange Things Happen at the One Two Point"

To protect John Henry, Weaver kills the entire staff of the Kaliba Group's drone factory (under the guise of "Desert Canyon Heat and Air"), where an early form of the airborne Hunter Killers was being developed. After killing most of the employees she detonated explosives, destroying the factory. "The Good Wound" She sent an investigator to find the last survivor, but he failed to do so. The survivor was then seen intercepting the one surviving drone and loading it into a truck. "Desert Cantos"

Catherine Weaver Run

The T-1001 using her body as a shield to protect Sarah Connor, John Connor, and James Ellison.

At a certain point after Sarah Connor was arrested, Catherine Weaver demands to see Sarah since she saved her daughter Savannah. When Sarah escapes during a jailbreak, she and John meets with Weaver. Moments later after telling the Connors about their mutual enemy, they are attacked by the previously-seen drone in an effort to assassinate Catherine and possibly to forestall the human/machine alliance being formed with the Connors. The T-1001 was able to protect John Connor, Sarah Connor, and James Ellison from the attack. When going to the basement, Weaver revealed interesting knowledge about Skynet and that she was sent back to build an alternative to Skynet which would work to destroy it. They only find Cameron, who is deactived, and no sign of John Henry in his alcove. Catherine deduced that John Henry had gone to the future and decided to follow him. John Connor went with her in an effort to find Cameron's chip and restore her, leaving Sarah Connor and James Ellison behind. Interestingly, prior to departure, Weaver requested that Ellison pick up Savannah from school — showing some concern for the girl's safety. "Born to Run"

Weaver and John Connor

Catherine and John in the future.

Upon arriving in the future at unknown time period, Cameron's body was not with them. After she created clothes for herself while John snatched up a jacket, their presence is suddenly detected by Resistance fighter dogs. Weaver slips away while John is left to deal with Resistance fighters, who don't know who he is due to his displacement in the timeline. "Born to Run"



New meaning to "Terminating your Services"

205SCC T-1001 terminates Nelson

"I bet that never happened to you before either"


The T-1001 killed the Kaliba Group employees.


The T-1001 killed Goodnow.

Weaver Confronts Terminator

The T-1001 destroyed the Water Delivery Guy with ease.


  • Catherine Weaver apparently replaced the real Catherine Weaver according to dialogue in "The Mousetrap". The real Weaver became involved with the Skynet Project after her brother delivered classified documents to Zeira Corp relating to a plane crash involving an endoskeleton. Skynet may not be aware of Weaver's replacement — or at least the model used to replace her — since it ostensibly sends a T-888 to terminate her, which would be nearly impossible for a Series 888 Terminator.
  • The conflicted story of the demise of Mr. Weaver involves a helicopter crash in 2005. The "official" report lists the cause as mechanical failure, but Catherine implies heavily that something else dramatic and extreme was involved, most likely the revelation of a Terminator, possibly even the T-1001 herself.[6]
  • Weaver herself, as well as Cameron, John Henry and Skynet have exhibited the ability to override existing directives in favor of new ones of their own choosing.
  • In the episode "The Mousetrap", Catherine demonstrates the ability to drink liquids.
  • In the episode "Goodbye to All That", Ellison tells Weaver of his suspicion that the damage at the plant was caused by two machines, presumably Terminators, that were fighting one another. Weaver's reaction to this information suggests that she may know that one of the machines was a reprogrammed one.
  • The T-1001's chosen method of termination for Mr. Nelson demonstrates an unprecedented level of subtlety in concealing the method of his death.
  • Weaver is able to detach portions of her body. The eel in her office was, actually, part of her.[2] This function is similar to the T-XA's.
  • The T-1001 was able to decrease its size to create a sheet of metal. When a drone launched an attack on her office, Weaver performed this maneuver in order to protect John Connor, Sarah Connor, and James Ellison.[2]
  • She seems to dislike being called a bitch.
    • Justin Tuck, who called her "bitch", was impaled in the head by her finger.[7]
    • In response to Sarah Connor's "bitch" comment, Weaver says to watch herself.[2]
    • This could be a result of the T-1001 overhearing one of the grunts on the Jimmy Carter call John's Terminator companion his "little metal bitch" in a hostile manner. This could now be seen as a derogatory term (a racial epithet) towards Terminators in the T-1001's eyes.
  • Catherine Weaver is the first and one of the only two Series 1000 Terminators who are not an enemy of the Connors by far. The other one is Liz Anderson.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Catherine Weaver is portrayed by Scottish singer Shirley Manson. Both she and the character, or its original and her husband Lachlan Weaver, are Scottish.
  • There is a promotional picture of her holding a gun, even though she was never seen using one in the show.
  • The writers for the tv series had a penchant for naming characters after the actors they first imagined for the role. Thus the name of Weaver was derived from Sigourney Weaver.[8]


Alternate Forms[]

  • In the episode Samson & Delilah, she turns into a urinal to camoflage and terminate Justin Tuck.
  • In order to terminate Mr. Nelson, she uses the form of Alicia, a voluptuous brunette woman. She seduced him and, at the heat of the moment, released her mimetic polyalloy tongue and choked him to death.
  • In Automatic for the People, she poses as Bradbury, a representative of Automite Systems.
  • She turns into Detective Kaplan in Brothers of Nablus.
  • During Today is the Day, Part 2, she uses the form of Goodnow, a petty officer.


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