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Catherine Luna

Lieutenant Catherine Luna grew up in Haven, a human enclave beneath the surface in hiding from the machines, with fellow survivor Justin Perry, whom she learned martial arts and respect from.


Life in Haven provided a sense of community in what was otherwise a war torn world of violence, death and destruction.

Luna pleaded with Perry to stay and help defend the Haven enclave when his parents were killed by the machines, but to no avail. His decision was to leave which, in the end, spelled abandonment for the teenage girl. As she continued living in Haven she never knew of the hell going on above the streets of the city. She had a semblance of a life in the subterranean city.

A few years after Perry left she found real joy and happiness when she met and married a young man named William. Her joy would be short lived. Shortly after their marriage, the machines came and invaded Haven enclave, brutally murdering hundreds of people in 2026. A few survived and escaped to the ruins above. They were able to evade capture, but they had no place to turn. They were rescued by Tech-Com forces and Luna herself realized that as long as the machines existed, no one was safe. She joined the Tech-Com and John Connor which, in turn, provided the organized structure that she needed to pursue her optimistic dream of a life free from machines.

Calm patience and silent agility made Luna the perfect addition to Tech-Com's Infiltration and Disruption (I.D.) Division. As a solo agent, she performs missions of remote sabotage of enemy positions and field recon before large scale assaults. She was present at the infiltration of Cheyenne Mountain and operated the controls to send Kyle Reese back in time to protect Sarah Connor after witnessing a T-800 stepping into the transportation sphere. She was severely injured in an attack moments after by Alexander Stone, but survived.



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