Carter is a Series 888 Terminator equipped with a living tissue model that allowed him to impersonate a U.S. Army Major. He tried to help protect the future production of an endoskeleton factory back in 2007. His primary mission was to secure a shipment of coltan to provide the future Depot 37 with raw materials to build endoskeletons. Cameron stated in "Heavy Metal" that Carter had gathered enough coltan contained in a single truck to build 530 endoskeletons.

History[edit | edit source]

In an attempt to dispose of the coltan horde, John Connor, Sarah Connor, and Cameron Phillips tracked down Carter to Depot 37. After killing all of the men who had been working with him and sealing the blast doors to the depot, Carter went into standby mode. John Connor, who had stowed away in Carter's truck, was also locked inside the depot.

The keys for unlocking the blast door were around Carter's neck. John was able to retrieve them and unlocked the door, allowing him to escape and for Sarah and Cameron to steal the coltan-filled truck. Carter was roused from standby mode and fought Cameron, who bought John and Sarah enough time to steal the coltan and for herself to escape. Closing the blast doors behind them, Carter was trapped inside Depot 37 without any means to escape. The coltan he had attempted to store was dumped into a bay by the Connors. "Heavy Metal"

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Carter is currently locked in the bomb shelter as a result of losing a battle with Cameron. It is unknown if he escapes or will be released in the future. As seen with Myron Stark, the machines can lay dormant for extended periods of time.

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