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Carlos was a criminal who sold fake identities to Sarah Connor, John Connor and Cameron Phillips. These identities included both physical IDs and digital database entries; they could even draw social security on the identities.

Carlos was apparently unaware that Sarah spoke fluent Spanish; a fact that should have been obvious to him considering she "ran" with his uncle Enrique Salceda's gang for several years in the past.

Carlos was presumably killed by an agent of Margos Sarkissian.


Sarah: Sarah buys fake IDs from Carlos
Carlos: So I’m gonna give you what you need.
Sarah: Thank you.
Carlos: Twenty thousand.
Sarah: What? I I-don't have that...
Carlos: Twenty thousand, that’s a family discount in these hard times, especially for someone who’s been dead for eight years.
Sarah: That's extortion.
Carlos: War on terrorism makes this the frontline lady, some rag-head gets fake paper down here, we're all going to Guantanamo. 9/11 doubled prices overnight.
Sarah: 9/11, what's that? Carlos and his gang stared at each other awkwardly
Carlos: El tío, el psycho ese "rata". (Translation: My uncle, that psycho snitch.)

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