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This page is about the Terminator replacement. For the original human, see Carl Greenway.

"Carl Greenway" was a T-888 Infiltrator designed as a dedicated replacement for Carl Greenway, an ex-U.S. Navy nuclear power technician who was responsible for the restart testing at the Serrano Point Nuclear Power Plant at Avila Beach.


Due to his safety concerns, the real Greenway had been a key roadblock in the rapid activation of the facility. To overcome his resistance to the restart, Carl was terminated and left hanging in his own home, as an apparent suicide on or about November 16th, 2007.

Sarah Connor detected the infiltration after she noticed that the model of the living tissue infiltration sheath did not have any surgical scars. The real Carl Greenway was a cancer survivor, who had a large surgical scar on the inside of his right bicep from two lymph node removal interventions following three rounds of chemotherapy.

This unit was terminated by Cameron deep inside the facility by hurling it into a massive power transformer and overloaded. Its burnt out chassis, as well as all video records of the battle between the Terminators was encased in a drum used for radioactive waste to ensure the components would not become part of the many predestination paradox origins of Skynet.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Season 2


Greenway Terminator: T minus two minutes.
Bearded Assistant: Coolant system numbers are within tolerances.
Greenway Terminator: Of course they are. Everything is fine.
Bearded Assistant: But yesterday you said--
Greenway Terminator: Everything is fine.
Sarah: 16 November.
Derek: 20:07.
Sarah: Something's wrong with Greenway. Are you at his house?
Derek: Yeah, I'm searching now. (sees Carl's corpse hung in his house) Sarah, is Greenway there? Are you telling me that he's there?
Sarah: He's here. (she spots the Terminator's unscarred right arm)
Greenway Terminator: 4, 3, 2, 1. And we're online.

Bearded Assistant: Where the hell did you go? Something's wrong. We need to turn on the water pumps. We gotta cool it down.
Greenway Terminator: Everything is fine.
Bearded Assistant: Carl, the reactor's overheating. It's going to melt down.
Greenway Terminator: Please remain calm.
(the panicked tech runs out of the control room)
Bearded Assistant: You need to talk to Greenway. He's lost his mind.
(Entering the control room, the boss sees the scattered bodies of the crew)
Plant Boss: What the--