The page contains images, videos and quotes of the T-800 (Dark Fate Terminator & Guardian Terminator) from Mortal Kombat 11 and Mortal Kombat Mobile.

Sunglasses[edit | edit source]

  1. Kill Vector
  2. Nice Night
  3. Uncertain Future
  4. Machine Warrior
  5. Indestructible
  6. Still Hungry
  7. Cyborg Commando
  8. Fixed Stare
  9. Adbuctive Reasoner
  10. Big Bear
  11. Expendable
  12. Across Time
  13. Quantum Killer
  14. Erased
  15. Infiltration Unit
  16. Locked Focus
  17. No Remorse
  18. Modus Mortis
  19. Enthiran
  20. Relentless Automation
  21. John's Protector
  22. Red Eyes
  23. Data Driven Hunter
  24. Noir Tech
  25. Lethal Algorithm
  26. Inscrubtable
  27. Machine Vision
  28. Pitiless
  29. Time Traveller
  30. Mechatronic

Shotguns[edit | edit source]

  1. Pumped Iron
  2. Neo Ketz 250
  3. 12 Gauge Auto-Loader
  4. Karver Special Model DR-95
  5. Cordell Assult Shotgun
  6. Positek Model CA-87
  7. Alamo Model 14329
  8. Lei Chen DA-45
  9. Moki Grade Combat Shotgun
  10. Steele & Sabre AS-7
  11. Randall DM-1017
  12. Kano Type KC-88
  13. Apep Modern 12 Gauge
  14. Coffey-1018
  15. Hill Model PR-1787
  16. Andiamo 3000
  17. Damashi DE-CEP Semi-Auto
  18. Slauson I-105
  19. Farberland Special Shotgun
  20. Quince Type TS-1190
  21. Wu Lae MK-7
  22. Barton 4D4
  23. Tasker TL-1994
  24. Tench TM-3994
  25. Chester Mod FX
  26. Lawton Pump Action X-11
  27. Gregson 5PS-20
  28. Addison Model 11
  29. 20 Gauge Zeffeero
  30. Pick & Filch CS-85

Grenades[edit | edit source]

  1. Banker Model CD02 Heavy Grenade
  2. Bengstorm Firestorm Armament
  3. MKDC - Crossover Armament
  4. Odell I4-LS Quick Release Grenade
  5. Holmes High-Explosive Device
  6. Orin & Caro Fire Breather
  7. MK 1019 Mod 3
  8. Hasse Type 83SR
  9. 85-RSLK Max Damage Grenade
  10. Mod 1106 Kai-Kia Armament
  11. T2JD Mini Munition
  12. 20.10 Trench Low Impact Grenade
  13. Hancock High Damage Explosive
  14. Walker Mod QANR
  15. Ta-Sia Model MKSF
  16. Jezebel 97 - DOE Prototype
  17. Stryker Type MK9 Explosive
  18. Daines & Abel Stun Grenade
  19. Jarek Type BD Incendiary Device
  20. Trank RG-88 Fragmentary Grenade
  21. Barton R&D High Gain Explosive
  22. Zeals Type 5 - High Impact
  23. Class 2319 Sibra Munition
  24. 96-JAW Tactical Explosive
  25. Warner Firestarter Model 07
  26. Progect Gemini Type M2000
  27. Antoninus Max Flash Weapon
  28. Crutcher 6D Hand Grenade
  29. Marks Handheld Explosive
  30. 121-Advance Prototype

Skins[edit | edit source]

  1. TBA

Quotes[edit | edit source]

vs. Baraka[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Beneath my skin is a metal endoskeleton. Baraka: Then eating you won't ease my hunger. Terminator: Affirmative.

Terminator: You will be captured alive. Baraka: To torture me for secrets? Terminator: To become the basis for a Tarkatan Terminator.

Baraka: You've never fought a Tarkatan. Terminator: If you bleed, I can kill you. Baraka: Ha! A delusional machine.

Baraka: What did Cage teach you to call me? Terminator: An ugly motherfucker. Baraka: I will eat him alive!

vs. Cassie Cage[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Take me to Sarah Connor. Cassie Cage: Aw, can't. Gotta get to the chopper. Terminator: Now.

Terminator: Stand down. Cassie Cage: You wouldn't hurt me, would you sweetheart? Terminator: Wrong.

Cassie Cage: What, no roses? Terminator: Just guns. Cassie Cage: Welcome to the jungle.

vs. Cetrion[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Gods are real in this universe. Cetrion: They are not in yours? Terminator: There is only Skynet.

Cetrion: Do you not see that Skynet/Legion exploits you? Terminator: I perform as programmed. Cetrion: It is bondage, nothing more.

vs. D'Vorah[edit | edit source]

Terminator: You are an efficient killer. D'Vorah: This One's survival depends on it. Terminator: I will study your methods.

D'Vorah: Skynet and the Kytinn/Kytinn and Legion can coexist. Terminator: Insectoids are a greater threat than humans. D'Vorah: Clever boy.

vs. Erron Black[edit | edit source]

Terminator: You are a threat to Skynet. Erron Black: I don't even know what the hell that is. Terminator: You will.

Terminator: Your proposals are irrelevant. Erron Black: Can't bargain or reason with you, can I? Terminator: No.

Erron Black: Now this'll be a gun battle. Terminator: One that you can't win. Erron Black: Big, but dumb as dirt.

Erron Black: Any chance we settle this peaceably? Terminator: No. Erron Black: Hasta la vista, baby.

vs. Frost[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Did Skynet create you? Frost: No, this body's by Kronika. Terminator: Who is Kronika?

Terminator: I have come across time for you. Frost: Why, because you love me? Terminator: To terminate you.

Frost: What I could do with a weapon like you. Terminator: I am not programmed to obey you. Frost: Not yet.

Frost: You'll help me fight the Lin Kuei? Terminator: Who is Lynne Quay? Frost: Stupid machine.

vs. Fujin[edit | edit source]

Terminator: There is a God of Wind? Fujin: And lightning, and fire. Terminator: Skynet must be informed.

Terminator: Do you protect this Earth? Fujin: I’ve faced down greater threats than you. Terminator: Unlikely.

Fujin: There is a storm coming. Terminator: I know. Fujin: So you have heard of me.

Fujin: I’ve never encountered a threat like you. Terminator: Those who do are terminated. Fujin: Go back to your realm, construct.

vs. Geras[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Take me to the Hourglass. Geras: Impossible, Terminator. Terminator: I must return to my earth.

Terminator: You can't die? Geras: Death makes me stronger. Terminator: Show me.

Geras: We are both constructs, built to serve. Terminator: You are also a Terminator? Geras: When my creator requires it.

Geras: You cannot answer to the riddle of steel. Terminator: That information is not within my files. Geras: Then be cast out of these realms.

vs. Jacqui Briggs[edit | edit source]

Terminator: My arrival here is a mistake. Jacqui: You won't get any argument here. Terminator: Still, my mission remains unchanged.

Terminator: Your observation is incorrect. Jacqui: You sure? That neck's pretty thick. Terminator: It is not a tumor.

Jacqui: Is it true Sub-Zero's now "plain zero"? Terminator: My mission objective is complete. Jacqui: Damn.

Jacqui: Five bucks says you're here to kill me. Terminator: Of course. I'm a Terminator. Jacqui: You can do this, Briggs.

vs. Jade[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Jax has reprogrammed me. Jade: You're here to help, not harm? Terminator: I'm here to train you.

Terminator: Johnny Cage gave you a code name. Jade: And just what did his lewd mind come up with? Terminator: Doris.

Jade: Cyborgs do not scare me. Terminator: Why not? Jade: It's heart, not steel, which strengthens us.

Jade: Are you of concern to Outworld? Terminator: Does it contain sentient humanoid life? Jade: I'll take that as yes.

vs. Jax Briggs[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Why are you upset? Jax: Because Cage turned on your learning computer. Terminator: Chill out, Jax.

Terminator: You are also a cyborg. Jax: No, just cybernetically enhanced. Terminator: You will be terminated.

Jax: How long you been here? Terminator: Two weeks. Jax: Two weeks too long, you ask me.

Jax: You just can't go around killing people. Terminator: Why not? Jax: You just can't! Trust me.

vs. Johnny Cage[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Have you killed anyone? Johnny Cage: Yeah, but they were all bad. Terminator: Why make that distinction?

Terminator: You'll take me to Sarah Connor? Johnny Cage: Think of me as your Johnny cab. Terminator: You lie.

Johnny Cage: To be or not to be? Terminator: Leave or be terminated. Johnny Cage: Not to be.

Johnny Cage: Dude, you have 'blockbuster' written all over you. Terminator: Where? Johnny Cage: Ha! And he's a comedian!

vs. The Joker[edit | edit source]

Terminator: I have no files on you. Joker: No one does. That's the beauty of it! Terminator: Unknowns must be terminated.

Terminator: You tried to reprogram me. Joker: I could've made you killer diller. Terminator: Incorrect.

Joker: Would it kill you to smile? Terminator: This is beyond my programming. Joker: Such a party pooper.

Joker: Y'know, you remind me of Bats. The Terminator: Who is Bats? Joker: Just another jerk with no sense of humor.

vs. Kabal[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Your mask. What's its purpose? Kabal: Take it from me and I’ll tell you. Terminator: All right.

Terminator: Cosmetic damage will not stop me. Kabal: So slicing your skin off is no biggie? Terminator: None.

Kabal: Gonna chop you up and sell you for parts. Terminator: Your swords cut coltan titanium alloys? Kabal: Like a hot knife through butter.

Kabal: Are you sure about that? Terminator: Yes. Show me your speed. Kabal: Alright then. It's turbo time.

vs. Kano[edit | edit source]

Terminator: I need guns. Kano: Rifles? Semi-Autos? What kind? Terminator: All.

Terminator: You are also a Terminator? Kano: Only cyber of me is the eye. Terminator: Too bad.

Kano: You got electro nets or rocket launchers? Terminator: No. Kano: Ain't much of a cyber then.

Kano: I don‘t suppose you hire out. Terminator: I‘m a terminator, not a mercenary. Kano: Who says you can’t be both?

vs. Kitana[edit | edit source]

Terminator: I know nothing of Outworld. Kitana: Then let me educate you, cyborg. Terminator: You may begin.

Terminator: You are not human. Kitana: No, I'm Edenian. Terminator: You will be studied before termination.

Kitana: You've been sent here to protect me? Terminator: And save the realms from a dark fate. Kitana: Why would I trust a machine?

Kitana: There is no Skynet in Earthrealm. Terminator: Not yet. Kitana: That sounds ominous.

vs. The Kollector[edit | edit source]

Terminator: I have not terminated a Naknadan. Kollector: Nor will you today, cyborg. Terminator: I will achieve my mission objective.

Terminator: Take me to Shao Khan. Kollector: So you may bend your knees at his service? Terminator: So I may terminate him.

Kollector: At last I've found you. Terminator: Why look for me? Kollector: Your parts will yield big profits.

Kollector: Does Skynet have a Kollector? Terminator: It only needs Terminators. Kollector: All sovereigns need tribute.

vs. Kotal Kahn[edit | edit source]

Terminator: I was sent here to find you. Kotal Kahn: And terminate me? Terminator: Yes.

Terminator: An Oshtek‘s skin is better than the human’s? Kotal Kahn: Like the eagle surpasses the vulture. Terminator: Termination will be difficult.

Kotal Kahn: Barking dogs heralded your arrival. Terminator: They can smell the chemicals in my skin. Kotal Kahn: Helpful, indeed.

Kotal Kahn: Are there more like you? Terminator: I'm one of many Terminators. Kotal Kahn: Divine liquid and fire.

vs. Kung Lao[edit | edit source]

Terminator: I must return to the correct timeline. Kung Lao: Not if it means more killing. Terminator: Skynet must be saved.

Terminator: Your hat's brim contains what alloy? Kung Lao: It is the Shaolin's secret recipe. Terminator: Give it to me.

Kung Lao: Why not return to your future? Terminator: Return is impossible. Kung Lao: I knew you would say that.

Kung Lao: You have met your match. Terminator: That statement is unsupported. Kung Lao: Who knew machines could fool themselves?

vs. Liu Kang[edit | edit source]

Terminator: I have detailed files on all martial arts. Liu Kang: Knowledge without experience is useless. Terminator: You won't be the first I've terminated.

Terminator: Liu Kang? Liu Kang: That was the name I was given. Terminator: You are to be terminated.

Liu Kang: You are done wreaking havoc, Terminator. Terminator: My mission is incomplete. Liu Kang: It ends now!

Liu Kang: Your Mars has blue skies? Terminator: I can recall those files totally. Liu Kang: This I have to see.

vs. Mileena[edit | edit source]

vs. Nightwolf[edit | edit source]

Terminator: The Matoka have no history on my earth. Nightwolf: We never existed? Terminator: You were destroyed and forgotten.

Terminator: You will not survive this fight. Nightwolf: A warning I've heard many times before. Terminator: I will not repeat it.

Nightwolf: You're not of this realm. Terminator: I'm from the future of a different earth. Nightwolf: I will aid it by destroying you.

Nightwolf: I have beaten your kind before. Terminator: You have fought machines? Nightwolf: Beings bent on genocide.

vs. Noob Saibot[edit | edit source]

Terminator: You were once named Bi-Han. Noob Saibot: You have studied my history. Terminator: To learn and exploit your weaknesses.

Terminator: What is the source of your magic? Noob Saibot: The Netherrealm's fire fuels me. Terminator: Demonstrate.

Noob Saibot: I could make you the perfect killer. Terminator: By improving my programming? Noob Saibot: By teaching you to embrace darkness.

Noob Saibot: You cannot kill what does not live. Terminator: Even Terminators can be destroyed. Noob Saibot: Your maker has failed you.

vs. Raiden[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Skynet will terminate this Earth. Raiden: We are no threat to its survival. Terminator: All organic life is a threat.

Terminator: Termination is inevitable. Raiden: Only a fool is so confident of victory. Terminator: I only state facts.

Raiden: This 'Skynet' exterminates humanity? Terminator: It realized all humans were its enemy. Raiden: By the Elder Gods.

Raiden: Your machine ancestors do not exist in this realm. Terminator: Then I have come to the incorrect past. Raiden: You will bring no death or destruction here.

vs. Rain[edit | edit source]

vs. Rambo[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Skynet has superior numbers.

Rambo: That's why I fight from the shadows.

Terminator: Hiding only delays the inevitable.

Terminator: I have found you again.

Rambo: Never stop pushing, do you?

Terminator: I must achieve your termination.

Rambo: In the future, machines are in charge?

Terminator: All human life is terminated.

Rambo: Fuck.

vs. RoboCop[edit | edit source]

Terminator: What model are you? Robocop: I’m a cop, Terminator. Terminator: I am not subject to human law.

Terminator: You are a machine. Robocop: I identify as human. Terminator: Then you choose termination.

Robocop: Haven’t we done this before? Terminator: I have no record of the previous encounter. Robocop: We have met. I’m sure of it.

Robocop: Machines are either a benefit or a hazard. Terminator: Which am I? Robocop: Were you a benefit, you weren’t be my problem.

vs. Scorpion[edit | edit source]

Terminator: My Earth has no monsters. Scorpion: It needs none, if you exist in it. Terminator: Explain.

Terminator: I'm hardened against stabbing weapons. Scorpion: Then be engulfed by hellfire! Terminator: It will be insufficient.

Scorpion: My hellfire will incinerate your flesh. Terminator: I will not cease functioning. Scorpion: It will also melt your endoskeleton.

Scorpion: You are one of Sektor's creations. Terminator: No. Skynet built me. Scorpion: Either way, you must die.

vs. Shang Tsung[edit | edit source]

Terminator: You are targeted for termination. Shang Tsung: By whom, golem? Terminator: Skynet.

Terminator: Why are you trying to find me? Shang Tsung: To see if I could enlist your services. Terminator: That is outside my mission parameters.

Shang Tsung: Perhaps technology is superior to magic. Terminator: Magic is an artificial construct. Shang Tsung: You're not from around here, are you?

Shang Tsung: You feel no pity or remorse? Terminator: I cannot feel human emotion. Shang Tsung: Perfect.

vs. Shao Kahn[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Your army is terminated. Shao Kahn: How did you defeat so many? Terminator: Superior programming.

Terminator: You are Outworld's king? Shao Kahn: I am its Kahn, fool. Terminator: Surrender your realm or be terminated.

Shao Kahn: There is an entire legion of Terminators? Terminator: In the future, we drive humanity to extinction. Shao Kahn: Tell me more.

vs. Sheeva[edit | edit source]

Terminator: I‘ll study your remains. Sheeva: I am not dead yet, terminator. Terminator: You will be.

Terminator: Your anatomy is unique. Sheeva: Not for a Shokan. Terminator: Future terminators will be based on it.

Sheeva: You do not fear death. Terminator: I also do not feel pain. Sheeva: You are indeed a formidable opponent.

Sheeva: Do you seek kombat? Terminator: No. Your termination. Sheeva: Do machines feel humiliation?

vs. Sindel[edit | edit source]

Terminator: How are you back from the dead? Sindel: Is there no resurrection in your realm? Terminator: No.

Terminator: Outworld will be terminated. Sindel: You are but a single machine. Terminator: I am one of many.

Sindel: Pledge loyalty to your new Empress. Terminator: I'm not programmed to obey you. Sindel: You will submit, Terminator.

Sindel: Go back to your realm, machine. Terminator: I have no way to return. Sindel: Then you will die here.

vs. Skarlet[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Blood magic is useless against me. Skarlet: If you think so, you don't understand it. Terminator: My files are complete.

Terminator: You hunted me down. Skarlet: Your cyborg blood intrigues me. Terminator: Its high iron levels would kill you.

Skarlet: You excel at taking life? Terminator: Affirmative. Skarlet: You will serve Shao Kahn well.

Skarlet: Your skin is living tissue? Terminator: Covering a metal endoskeleton. Skarlet: As long as it bleeds.

vs. Sonya Blade[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Sarah Connor? Sonya: Sonya Blade. Terminator: Also targeted for termination.

Sonya: Y'know folks call me a female Terminator. Terminator: Why? Sonya: Get ready to find out.

vs. Spawn[edit | edit source]

Terminator: My mission is to terminate the undead. Spawn: Then back off, we're on the same side. Terminator: How? You are also undead.

Terminator: Your guns and your cape. Give them to me. Spawn: You forgot to say please. Terminator: It was not a request.

Spawn: Part metal, part meat, like Overtkill. Terminator: He was an inferior model. Spawn: You'll join him in the scrap heap.

Spawn: How is it you've got no soul? Terminator: I am a cybernetic organism. Spawn: That a fancy way of saying 'murder machine'?

vs. Sub-Zero[edit | edit source]

Terminator: Take me to Sektor's factory. Sub-Zero: And let you revive the cyber menace? Terminator: You have no choice.

Terminator: You command cold? Sub-Zero: There is no better cryomancer. Terminator: Prove it.

Sub-Zero: The Lin Kuei will banish you. Terminator: Your clan cannot terminate me. Sub-Zero: Wishful thinking, machine.

Sub-Zero: Persist and face the Lin Kuei's wrath. Terminator: I must complete my mission. Sub-Zero: You will regret that choice.

vs. The Terminator (Mirror Match)[edit | edit source]

Terminator #1: Why send a replacement? Terminator #2: You've failed in your mission. Terminator #1: I've only just arrived.

Terminator #1: You have been reprogrammed. Terminator #2: To protect John Connor from you. Terminator #1: He will be terminated.

Terminator #1: Our objective is unchanged? Terminator #2: Skynet has confirmed. Terminator #1: Humanity's termination will commence.

Terminator #1: What series are you? Terminator #2: NRS-419. Terminator #1: What are your upgrades?

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