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Captain Emmer

Captain Emmer commanded the overwatch Resistance cell that detected the TDE still active in the Skynet facility following colonel Mary Randall's assault. Entering the facility and finding the members of Mary's team who died during their assault, they determined that numerous beings used the TDE to travel to the past. With no assurance that Mary was able to complete her mission, or that multiple terminators had not followed her, Captain Emmer directs his team to set charges to destroy the facility and assumes her mission to prevent Skynet's creation. Successfully destroying the facility this time due to the sacrifice of Trooper Lynch. The four surviving members of second cell arrived in the L.A. Zoo Bengal tiger enclosure, and immediately set out to complete what they determined to be Mary's failed mission, the execution of Skynet's progenitors.

Arriving at the Cyberdyne Systems facility that would be the future site of the Time Displacement Equipment to confront Dr. Hollister and the traitor Dr. Astin, Captain Emmer is gunned down by Dr. Hollister with the smuggled Plasma Pistol.


Emmer's Resistance Cell members[]

  • Captain Emmer: Captain, Cell leader. Grey haired and one-eyed. Killed by Dr. Hollister with the Plasma Pistol.
  • Hooks: male Tech-Com Soldier with red hair, known as a wise-ass, last trooper Terminated by C890.L after he linked up with Col. Randall.
  • Lynch: male Tech-Com Soldier with blond hair, Killed defending the TDE while his cell entered the time sphere
  • Pace: female Tech-Com Soldier with long black hair, 2nd trooper Terminated by C890.L after she killed Hollister and Astin.
  • Trooper: unnamed male Hispanic Tech-Com Soldier, 1st trooper Terminated by C890.L after he killed Hollister and Astin.