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Campo de Cahuenga High School is a high school attended by both John Connor and Cameron Phillips. It is located in the Los Angeles area. Its motto is a picture of a butting bull.

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Students[edit | edit source]

  • John Baum is an alias for 16 year old John Connor. Dropped out in November 2007.
  • Cameron Baum is an alias for Cameron Phillips, a terminator posing as John's sister. Dropped out in November 2007.
  • Jordan Cowan was a cheerleader who committed suicide in 2007.
  • Riley Dawson was a student at the school; she was actually from the future on a mission.
  • Mike is a popular student at the school.
  • Morris is a friend of John's from his car repair class. He appears to have a crush on Cameron.
  • Cheri Westin is a friend of John's. She is in John and Cameron's chemistry class.

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