This is a detailed account of known terminations performed by the Terminator Cameron. Of those listed here include both successful and attempted terminations of both humans and fellow cyborgs.

Successful Terminations[edit | edit source]

Episode 1.02: "Gnothi Seauton"

  • Enrique Salceda: After overhearing a damning accusation by Carlos (Enrique's nephew), Cameron followed Sarah Connor back to Enrique's apartment and assassinated him in cold blood, suspecting him of being an FBI informant, which was later proven to be correct.
    • Method: Cameron shot Enrique twice in the chest with a Glock 17.

Episode 1.05: "Queen's Gambit"

  • Vick Chamberlain: While ambushing a secure prisoner transfer vehicle, Cameron was attacked by a T-888 called "Vick". Though he gained the upperhand in the latter half of the fight, Cameron was able to cause significant damage, including the severing of his hand, before neutralising it.
    • Method: Cameron used a switch-blade to remove Vick's shock dampener and then used a pair of pliers to forcibly remove his chip from his endo-skull.

Episode 1.06: "Dungeons & Dragons"

  • Vick Chamberlain: With his chip secure, Cameron proceeded to put a permanent end to Vick by destroying his endoskeleton.
    • Method: Cameron stripped Vick's flesh and stored it in plastic bags before pouring thermite over his endoskeleton and lighting it with a flare, incinerating the machine indefinitely.
  • Rogue Terminator: In 2027, a reprogrammed Terminator reverted to its base settings and began killing everyone in the immediate vicinity. Cameron was called upon to remove the threat.
    • Method: Cameron threw the rogue machine through a wall before destroying it with an M-79 at point blank range.

Episode 1.08: "Vick's Chip"

  • ARTIE: Predicting that the "Automated Real Time Information Exchange" would one day become Skynet's nervous system, Cameron's chip was hooked into a traffic light to disable the system.
    • Method: Cameron entered the ARTIE system and killed it with a viral software attack.

Episode 1.09: "What He Beheld"

  • Sarkissian's Henchman: While on a school trip to the science museum, Cameron noticed a suspicious man who exhibited stalking behaviour towards herself and John.
    • Method: Judging by her account of the incident, it can be assumed that she snapped his neck.

Episode 2.01: "Samson & Delilah"

  • Sarkissian's Thug: Post-exploding, Cameron staggered back into the Connor residence where she came upon a man lighting a cigarette. Recognizing him prior to the car bombing, Cameron deemed him an immediate threat.
    • Method: Cameron repeatedly smashed the thug against walls and doors, presumably resulting in a fatal concussion.

Episode 2.02: "Automatic for the People"

  • Greenway: Working undercover at the Seranno Point nuclear power plant, Cameron was ordered by Sarah to locate and stop a T-888 who'd replaced Carl Greenway and was trying to sabotage the plant.
    • Method: Cameron performed a KravMaga palm strike, shoving the T-888 into two transformers, burning out its circuitry.

Episode 2.04: "Allison from Palmdale"

  • Allison Young: Cameron interrogated her human template for information on John Connor's camp, eventually discovering that Allison lied to her about a bracelet ID.
    • Method: Cameron snapped Allison's neck.

Episode 2.06: "The Tower Is Tall But the Fall Is Short"

  • Rosie: Cameron was on her way to check up on John at Dr. Sherman's office, only to encounter another female Terminator with a similar objective.
    • Method: Cameron contorted the machine into an unnatural "pretzel" position, before snapping her neck, cutting off power flow from Rosie's cell to her CPU.

Episode 2.07: "Brothers of Nablus"

  • Gang of Thieves: Cameron held the thieves at gunpoint while Sarah recovered their stolen possessions.
    • Method: Cameron shot them with a Beretta 92f handgun execution style, killing the middle thief first, followed by the right and left (whom tried to escape and was shot twice).

Episode 2.08: "Mr. Ferguson is Ill Today"

  • Cromartie: The Triple-8 was lured into an ambush where he was promptly sniped by Sarah and Derek from elevated positions. Cameron lay in wait for the right moment to strike.
    • Method: Seeing her moment, Cameron sneaked up on Cromartie with a Remington 870 Max combat shotgun and delivered several pinpoint shots to his head, severely damaging his endo-skull and disabling his left eye. Cromartie dropped to the floor and lay twitching as Cameron allowed John to deliver the coup-de-grace. His chip was later destroyed by Sarah.

Episode 2.11: "Self Made Man"

  • Myron Stark: Cameron found this Triple-8 hidden within a wall in the Pico Tower building and immediately engaged it in hand-to-hand combat within a narrow corridor.
    • Method: Cameron threw the T-888 down an elevator shaft and then snapped the counter-cord, bringing the elevator crashing down on top of Stark. She then finished it by cutting into its head with a pocket knife and disabling its CPU.

Episode 2.12: "Alpine Fields"

  • The Fields Terminator: Six months after their first encounter in Alpine, Cameron and Sarah finally track down and corner the T-888.
    • Method: Unspecified. Likely severe mutilation/debilitation, going by Derek's reaction when told of its destruction.

Episode 2.17: "Ourselves Alone"

  • The Bird: Cameron found the bird flying around the house and took it outside to let it go, but her hand malfunctioned whilst holding it aloft.
    • Method: Crushed to death.

Episode 2.20: "To the Lighthouse"

  • Kaliba Agents: During Derek's capture, Cameron chased the van and fired several shots at the drivers before they could escape. Later, after electrocuting Cameron and seemingly rendering her offline, the agent drew up schematics of her endoskeleton and prepared to remove her chip, unaware that Cameron was in fact still online.
    • Method: Agent 1: shot in the chest. Agent 2: snapped neck.

Attempted Terminations[edit | edit source]

Episode 1.01: "Pilot"

  • Cromartie: During the first episode, Cameron had multiple encounters with the T-888 known as Cromartie, and was either unsuccessful in her attempts or was forced to abort in favour of higher objectives.
    • Failure 1: Cameron ran Cromartie down with a truck, but was required to get John to safety, so she fled the scene.
    • Failure 2: Cameron fought Cromartie in hand-to-hand combat, resulting in her disabling him with an exposed power line, but was once again required to abandon the fight and catch up with the Connors.
    • Failure 3: Cameron planted a remote activated bomb in their truck, which she then detonated while fleeing the Dyson residence. Though effective, the explosion only deterred Cromartie from immediately pursuing.
    • Failure 4: Cameron built a weapon designed specifically to terminate machines and instructed Sarah in its use, who then blew off Cromartie's head prior to jumping forward in time. Cromartie subsequently survived the attack and his skull followed them through time.

Episode 1.02: "Gnothi Seauton"

  • Vick Chamberlain: Cameron had her first encounter with Vick in a Resistance safe house, resulting in a chase through the streets.
    • Failure: Though Sarah was able to temporarily disable Vick by taking out his legs with a motorcycle, Cameron was likewise struck by a car, allowing him a window of escape.
  • Inquisitive Cop: While waiting for Sarah to finish purchasing new IDs from Carlos, Cameron was approached by a cop who suspected her of hiding drugs in her car. She quickly deemed him a threat after he mentioned calling in the license plate.
    • Failure: Sarah arrived in time to prevent Cameron from killing him, using the facade that Cameron was her unruly step-daughter to throw off the cop's suspicions.

Episode 1.04: "Heavy Metal"

  • Security Guard: Mistaking the guard for Cromartie, Cameron very nearly killed him.
    • Failure: Given the fact that her initial attack rendered the man unconscious, Cameron deemed him human, though "not a very strong one" and spared him.
  • Carter: Cameron attempted to terminate this Triple-8, but did not fare well in the ensuing fight.
    • Failure: Lacking any tactical advantages, Cameron instead opted to permanently incarcerate Carter in the fallout shelter.

Episode 1.05: "Queen's Gambit"

  • Andrew Goode: Andy was targeted by Cameron for termination should his chess computer, called the Turk, win its game against the Japanese equivalent.
    • Failure: The Turk lost the match and Andy was later assassinated by Derek Reese, nullifying Cameron's objective.

Episode 1.08: "Vick's Chip"

  • Cromartie: After receiving word that an FBI agent was looking for John at school, Cameron scanned the agent, discovering that it was Cromartie. She then used Morris to pose as John, tricking the T-888 into leaving. Cameron made to follow Cromartie.
    • Failure: John suddenly arrived and called out her name, forcing Cameron to abort in favour of hiding John from Cromartie.

Episode 1.09: "What He Beheld"

  • Sarkissian's Henchman: Upon detecting him as a threat, Cameron was poised to attack the henchman on sight.
    • Failure: Cameron was told to remain with her classmates by the teacher, cancelling her immediate action in favour of maintaining anonymity.
  • Sarkissian: Cameron chased the fake Sarkissian to his panic room and proceeded to smash through the wall to get at him.
    • Failure: Sarkissian escaped through a secret hatch and was soon after assassinated by Derek, once again finishing her job.

Episode 2.01: "Samson & Delilah"

  • John Connor: Having reverted to her Skynet settings, Cameron targets John for termination and has many attempts at taking his life.
    • Failure 1: Cameron holds John at gunpoint, but is thwarted by a sudden explosion which collapses the stairwell she was standing on.
    • Failure 2: Cameron overturns the Connors' stolen car, injuring them both, but John escapes regardless.
    • Failure 3: Cameron finds John trying to hotwire a truck and throws a wrench at him, but he ducks. She is then trapped between the truck and another vehicle, allowing John the chance to remove her chip.
    • Override: Cameron is reactivated and given a gun by John. Her programming demands his termination, but she consciously overrides the command.
  • Sarah Connor: When Cameron overturns their car and John escapes, Cameron tortures Sarah with the goal of goading John's return.
    • Failure: Cameron realises that John will not come back for his mother, so she turns her attention towards hunting him again.

Episode 2.03: "The Mousetrap"

  • The Bird: While searching the house for any threats, Cameron discovers a bird in the chimney and expresses a desire to kill it.
    • Failure: Sarah orders Cameron to leave the bird alone.

Episode 2.04: "Allison from Palmdale"

  • Jody: Cameron discovers that Jody was planning to set her up for burglary.
    • Failure: Cameron strangles Jody and leaves her for dead, but chooses not to follow up once it is revealed she survived.

Episode 2.12: "Alpine Fields"

  • The Fields Terminator: After crashing into their car, Cameron engages the Triple-8 and forces it off the road and into the woods. They then begin a long game of cat and mouse as each tries to find and destroy the other.
    • Failure: Cameron is overpowered and rendered offline by the T-888.

Episode 2.17: "Ourselves Alone"

  • Riley Dawson: Having finally classified Riley as a real threat, Cameron corners the girl in the garage and advances on her.
    • Failure: Cameron is unable to decide upon which action to take and lets Riley live long enough for John to arrive and rescue her.

Possible/Indirect Terminations[edit | edit source]

Episode 1.03: "The Turk"

  • Jordon Cowan: Cameron prevented John from trying to talk Jordon down, who then jumped off the roof of the school gym, dying on impact.

Episode 1.04: "Heavy Metal"

  • Anchorman: Cameron retrieved a recording of her and the Connors' arrival in 2007, hinting that she might have killed an anchorman for the tape.
  • Warehouse Worker: Cameron placed the worker in an active minefield, leaving him with little chance of survival.

Episode 1.07: "The Demon Hand"

  • Cop: Cameron managed to get her hands on full cop attire and a bike, suggesting that she killed a cop for them.
  • Dmitri & Maria Shipkov: Cameron used Maria to get to Dmitri, from whom she learned about Sarkissian's purchase of the Turk. She then broke her promise to help them, abandoning them to be shot by a group of Russian gangsters. This was due to her being ordered to neither kill nor help them.
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