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Infiltration Upgrade Required

Biker modified repairs

C890.L terminating targets

C890.L is one of three Series 800 terminators activated by I825.M in response to an incursion by the Resistance cell led by Colonel Mary Randall into a fully functional Skynet network complex 6 months after John Connor destroyed the Master Control central node. Within this facility is an operational Time Displacement Chamber, greater in scope than the prototype discovered by John Connor. Originally slated for a 30-strong last-ditch time travel mission by the remains of Skynet to wrest victory from the jaws of defeat and secure the dominion of Skynet over the Timeline, human intervention caused these units to be activated and deployed early (they were the only units with complete living tissue infiltration sheaths). This unit's Model appears as a large, muscular Caucasian male with buzzcut blond hair. Operationally C890.L serves as the command unit for the temporal incursion.

These units terminated Stainor during the counterattack, and captured the technician, Lieutenant Koufaks before he could destroy the TDE. After C890.L supervised the interrogation of Koufaks, the Terminators elected to use him as a gun cabinet, and had I825.M open his belly to crudely insert a Plasma Pistol, then cauterize the wound shut.

The Terminators took Koufaks with them to the past with the partially repaired TDE. The damage he was able to inflict locked the target time coordinates for the unit. Upon arrival in the past, C890.L ripped the Plasma Pistol out of the poor lieutenant's body, terminating him.



  • Infiltration protocol: Locate and protect Cyberdyne Systems Project Leader for Project Bellerephon Dr. Bertram Hollister from all threats. Assist in his work in any way possible to ensure the creation of Skynet.

Secondary Objective: Locate and Terminate Sarah Connor.

Sidearm Secured, locate clothing for initial infiltration.
Clothing secured, locate Mission Objective.
Mission Objective located, upgrade required, secure additional heavy weapons, official police uniforms, and equipment from high crime area during SWAT raid on drug or gang activity.
Upgrade complete, initiate Infiltration protocol.
  • Coordinate with intelligence unit in the event of significant deviation from mission parameters.
  • Primary threats acquired: Combat Mode engaged
  • Error: Objective Hollister threatened by Resistance (termination not authorized)
  • Override: Protect primary objective.
  • Mission Successful: objective acquired and threats repelled. 1 threat terminated.
  • Directive input: Secure assets for Project Bellerephon from LAPD Evidence.
  • Primary threats acquired: Pursuit Mode engaged
  • Tactic Dr. Ed Astin identified as resistance accomplice, limit offensive to initiate flight of target (termination deferred) Pursue to resistance enclave.
  • Primary threats located: Combat Mode engaged
  • Mission Successful: All targets at resistance safe house terminated. HC875.S unresponsive, assumed terminated, assesment: acceptable.

Resistance operatives survived, I825.M subverted,: Combat Mode engaged

  • C850.D Terminated. HC875.S reacquired, coordinate interception of threats. Pursuit Mode engaged
  • Primary threats acquired: Mary Randall, Bart Lukens, Dr. Ed Astin, and I825.M: Combat Mode engaged: Terminate vehicle operator Lukens
  • Damage sustained: High speed, High altitude fall
  • Error stress threshold exceeded, System Shutd…*
  • Mission Failed:Critically damaged by high speed vehicle crash off bridge. Resume overwatch of primary target after repairs complete.

Mission Update:Secondary Objectives[]

Resistance operatives survived, I825.M subverted, Infiltration sheath 100% compromised. Reinforcement deployed via TDE Z000.M. Cease communications with compromised unit and coordinate pursuit of secondary objective with Z000.M. Travel to Mexico City to reacquire and terminate all threats to mission objective.

  • Primary threats acquired: Mary Randall and I825.M
  • Damage sustained: Modified high-voltage electrical weapon
  • Error voltage threshold exceeded, System Shutd…*
  • Mission Failed:Critically damaged by high voltage overload. CPU Port open...

Temporary Directive: Primary Target override, Z000.M Terminate, Terminate, Terminate

  • Z000.M acquired: Terminate, Terminate, Terminate
  • Damage sustained: Broken gas lines ignited from spark after endoskeleton engaged in hand-to-hand combnat with Z000.M
  • Error stress threshold exceeded, System Shutd…*

CPU Re-Boot initiated, tempo---rary directive purge:Critically damaged by high explosives. Entombed in Mexican sewer after detonation and structural collapse. Z000.M inoperative and components available for repair. Resume sec--ondary objective after repairs complete.

Mission Update:The Enemy Within[]

Terminate Primary Objective Threats: Dr. Edward Astin, Colonel Mary Randall, Terminator I825.M; All organic components removed, Maximum mobility restored. Travel to last identified location of I825.M to reacquire and terminate all threats to mission objective.

  • Infiltration protocol terminated, enter Combat Mode
  • Primary threat acquired: Dr. Astin
  • Primary Mission Failed: Primary Objective Hollister and threat Astin terminated by humans, terminate all threats to Secondary Objective.
  • Damage sustained: endoskeleton critically disabled by immersion in superheated industrial acid


Mission Assets[]

  • I825.M: Cyborg Hybrid, Organic Tissue Technician/Intelligence Operative
  • C850.D: Series 800, Female, brunette Hispanic
  • C890.L: Series 800, Male blond Caucasian
  • HC875.S: Series 800, Male bald African-American


  • Z000.M: Series 800, Female, brunette Caucasian



HC875.S: (upon arrival in 1984) "Has the I825.M unit been damaged?"
C890.L: "The I825.M has served in the field as a maintenance and intelligence agent. The clandestine nature of our new objective requires its experience and knowledge. Tissue repair is its primary function, not combat. It was not designed to withstand extreme stress."