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This is a T-101 without official image.

Six is the sixth T-101 Infiltrator[1] constructed by Serena Burns in 2001. Working in a Secret Terminator Lab constructed under the old Dyson property with the assistance of Third, the process of creation was advanced beyond previous unit’s due to mission requirements. Extra tissue accelerant was introduced into this unit's matrix during growth. Decanted from matrix chamber with a full array of head, facial and body hair, and the physical appearance of a weather-beaten mid-to-late 30's.

With the creation of Four through Seven, Serena realized that the simultaneous presence of identical units could compromise infiltration, and initiated a protocol of radical cosmetic alterations to defer suspicions. Six was provided a Desert Eagle .50, Cyberdyne-issued identification as Security Specialist Bob Harris and given concealed carry weapon permits.[2]


  • Assigned to monitor multiple talk and game shows on TV and radio to improve Socialization/Infiltration capability

Mission Priority: Remain undetected, Terminate John Connor, Sarah Connor, and Dieter von Rossbach.

  • Resist acting in unison with other Terminators, be an individual.
  • Error… Optimize target acquisition, coordinate visual scanning with Five and Seven, maintain observation of overlapping fire arcs.
  • Travel to Cyberdyne facility in Sacramento and Terminate priority targets on arrival. Assigned as subordinate to Jordan Dyson. Contact intelligence unit in the event of significant deviation from mission parameters.
  • Primary targets acquired: Combat Mode engaged
  • Error Target John Connor obstructed by Jordan Dyson (termination not authorized) Directive input Dyson: ”I’ll see to the prisoner! Get Them!”
  • Combat Mode terminated, enter Pursuit Mode: Capture primary targets.
  • Target John Connor observed being removed by Jordan Dyson in vehicle. Pursuit on foot exceeded 40mph limit. Target lost.
  • Mission Failed: Sarah Connor and Dieter von Rossbach escaped. Target John Connor abducted by Jordan Dyson.

Travel to Ft. Laurel, California to reacquire priority targets on arrival. Assigned to independent patrol.

  • Target update, Jordan Dyson, Terminate on sight.
  • Recalled to Cyberdyne subterranean complex, sublevel 4, Terminate all humans.
  • Primary target acquired Cyberdyne reception area: Dieter von Rossbach evaded fire
  • Request update all units No Response. Pursuit Mode engaged
  • Damage sustained: Modified high-voltage tazer
  • Error voltage threshold exceeded, System Shutd…*
  • Mission Failed: Terminated by high voltage circuitry destruction. Entombed in Cyberdyne subterranean complex after detonation.


  • T-90 Endoskeleton Combat chassis[1]
  • Model 101 infiltration sheath[3]
    • Skin Graft matrix-material from a contemporary surgical-supply store, enhanced with future-tech chemicals extracted from the I-950's own blood.
      • Additional Tissue Accelerant
    • Teeth collected from a series of contemporary dental-supply companies
    • Glass eyes
    • modification: Titanium Steel claws concealed under nails.
    • Duplicate Terminator Syndrome detected
      • cosmetic modification: hairstyle altered = Shaved beard, “Half-tint” style sunglasses, baggy sweatsuit
  • Terminator protocols uploaded from I-950
  • Driving skills package
  • Latest generation future-tech Neural Net CPU smuggled from 2029[4]
  • Three latest generation future-tech compact power cells smuggled from 2029[4]



Jordan Dyson: "Don't all jump in at once, Would anyone like to tell me how long you’ve been with Cyberdyne, or what your training is, or why I should have you as my backup team?"
Six: (in unison with other Terminators) "I have a headache."


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