John Henry playing Bionicle

John Henry, playing a Bionicle.

BIONICLE is a toy franchise manufactured by LEGO Group. John Henry seems to enjoy playing it.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

John Henry plays the BIONICLE sets from 2008. John expresses interest as well as envy due to the highly articulate ball joint within the toy. "The Good Wound"

Later, at a certain point before being hacked by Skynet, John Henry invited Savannah Weaver to join playing Bionicle set Mask of Life. Savannah wouldn't play since her toy ducks Fluffy, Puffy and Feathers are not allowed to join the game due to the rules. Interestingly, John Henry performs the ability to change the rules for her, which could not be performed by most of the contemporary computers. "To the Lighthouse"


J H Bionicle
  • The Bionicle toys are possibly put in the show as a reference to the Terminators themselves. Most of the characters in the Bionicle universe are organic beings with mechanical exoskeletons, the opposite of how most Terminators have an organic covering over a mechanical endoskeleton.

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