Bill Paxton (born May 17, 1955, died February 25, 2017) was an actor who portrayed the blue-haired punk in The Terminator. He is the first character killed by the T-800.

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Nominated for Golden Globe for Best Actor in drama series Big Love.

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  • An 8 year old Paxton was in the crowd waving when President Kennedy emerged from the Hotel Texas in Ft. Worth the morning of Nov. 22, * 1963. There are pictures at the Sixth Floor Museum in Dallas where the young Paxton can clearly be seen astride the shoulders of an unidentified man.[1]
  • Bill was also the only actor to have been killed by a Terminator (if taken the novelization into account), an Alien, and a Predator. Contrary to popular belief, Lance Henriksen does not qualify because his character Bishop in the Alien franchise does not really get killed by an Xenomorph.

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