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Big Jeff's

Big Jeff's was a restaurant in Los Angeles where Sarah Connor worked in 1984. Other employees at the time included Nancy Dizon, Chuck and Carla.

In Enemy of my Enemy timeline, Skynet built the Omega Base under the ruin of the Big Jeff's, which served as the last stronghold of the Resistance.


  • The actual restaurant used during filming was the Carrows Restaurant in South Pasadena, California.
  • The use of the burger-holding figure at the front of the restaurant is an obvious homage to the various "Big Boy" franchises around the US.
  • When Sarah Connor locks and secures her scooter, she refers to the figure as “Big Buns.”
  • Sarah Connor is frequently referred to as a "meek waitress" or "lowly waitress". However, according to the script, the day she is shown waiting tables in the The Terminator was actually her first and only day as a waitress. She had previously been a busser and dishwasher. Nancy was her trainer that day.
  • Big Jeff’s makes an appearance in Terminator: Resistance as one of the destroyed buildings that Jacob Rivers can visit in the Warehouse district.