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Barbara Chamberlain was a Los Angeles city manager who was murdered by her husband, a Series 888 Infiltrator called Vick Chamberlain. The two lived at 317 Treadwell St., Van Nuys, CA 91605.

One of her pet projects was ARTIE, the "Automated Real-time Traffic Information Exchange".

Relationship with Vick Chamberlain[]

It is unknown whether Barbara and Vick met before or after Vick's "car accident" (an event used to effectively explain his odd mannerisms). She does, however, express concern (and perhaps a little annoyance) at some of his behaviors; most notably his inability to sleep.

Due to their interactions, it is apparent that, despite her excellent knowledge of AI systems, Barbara is not very bright. This would, of course, depend on whether she was married to a real man named Vick (who was later replaced by the T-888), or she actually met, fell in love with, and married a terminator.




Barbara: Vick, you poor thing, are you up again? Come back to bed, honey, I can't sleep with you standing there like a statue.

Barbara: What's wrong Vick? You've hardly touched your dinner.