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Baker's Hollow was a town located in the Sierra Nevada mountain range.


Pre-Judgment Day[]

Baker's Hollow was a recreational spot for campers, fisherman, hikers, and hunters traveling through the mountains. During the non-winter months, the town typically had 200 people residing within its limits; however, this number would decrease dramatically during the winter months. The town's limits included roughly 50 houses, many of which were vacation homes or motels, along with a general store and an RV park.

Post-Judgment Day[]

Following Judgment Day, the town became home to under 100 people with 30 houses remaining — the others had been torn down for materials and supplies. The town's population numbered around 87 and everyone was expected to be able to fill a needed role in the community it order to live there. The town was led by Daniel Preston; however, many in the town were starting to follow the ideas of Duke Halverson and his views (including that any new arrival to their community would have only three months to prove their worth or they would be taken to the outskirts and ordered to leave — or worse if they refused). Some members of the community, namely the town's hunters, were considering leaving the town to start their own community and fend for themselves.

In 2018, shortly after the Attack on the Skynet VLA, Resistance officers Barnes and Blair Williams came to the town investigating a mysterious cable running from the destroyed Skynet VLA to somewhere nearby. A squad of Series 700 Terminators had also come to the area and had effectively isolated it from the rest of the world. With the help of the Resistance officers, the townspeople were able to repel the Skynet forces from the area and took on another resident: a man named Jik. Jik, who claimed he was John Connor, offered to build a Resistance outpost in the town; a prospect that was of interest to the townspeople as it would bring food and medicine. Jik ordered that Barnes and Williams be locked away for questioning as they were not from the Resistance and Jik agreed to help eliminate the last remaining Terminators from around the town.

Barnes and Williams, while under guard, spoke with Mayor Preston about their suspicions of Jik while Hope, Preston's daughter, went hunting with Susan Valentine. Former Skynet prisoner Remy Lajard protested Barnes and Williams suggestions as outlandish, but, when confronted further, Lajard activated his squad of Hybrids and fled the area. Baker's Hollow had been selected as a testing ground for Skynet's Project Theta to determine if the Hybrids would effectively infiltrate into a community. While Lajard tried to reach the Resistance helicopter, Barnes and Blair engaged Hybrid Nathan Oxley. Valentine hunted Hope Preston in the nearby woods, and Jik attacked the town's hunters.

The remaining townspeople were able to end Skynet's plan and destroy the nearby experimentation center before the last phase of the experiment could be launched. The town of Baker's Hollow had to be abandoned, however, as Skynet had no further use to protect the town and were sending Terminators in to destroy it.


  • Daniel Preston
  • Hope Preston
  • Duke Halverson


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