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Aurora, Test Number 808, is a Terminator.

Aurora appears as a Caucasian female with seductive pink lips and a dark beauty spot on her left cheek and long wavy brown hair flowing to the middle of her back, dark aviator sunglasses, a waist length leather jacket with a white halter top beneath, skin tight black leather pants with a large belt (much like a gruesome dog collar on a colossal scale); which she can use to pin human prisoners to a wall and then kiss them as they die.

Used for testing humans "survival adaptability", Skynet compiles the data gained from monitoring the Aurora Model as it undergoes structured battle with humans in various situations to calculate probable Termination times, compared with stimulus reaction times. Once the test is complete, Skynet is able to deactivate the model.

Aurora was destroyed in a plasma grenade explosion during the raid on Skynet in 2041.


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