Attempted Assassination of Young Sarah Connor


Termination of Skynet

Assassination of Sarah Connor (Genisys)

Pre-Judgment Day Missions


May 12, 1984


Los Angeles

  • Harding

The Assassination of Sarah Connor was the assassination attempt on Sarah Connor in an alternate timeline.


Skynet sends a T-1000 back in time to kill Sarah Connor in 1973 and prevent her growing up and giving birth to Resistance leader John Connor. An unknown party sends back a T-800 known as Guardian and "Pops" to protect her. As her parents were killed by the T-1000, Guardian raises Sarah and they spend the next ten years preparing, building a crude time machine to travel to 1997 and stop Judgment Day. However, the computers of the time are too crude to act as the operating system of the time machine and they need the CPU of a Terminator to use it so they wait for the arrival of the T-800 that is going to be sent back to kill Sarah in 1984 to use his CPU.

In 2029, John Connor leads the Resistance to victory over Skynet. However, it dispatches an assassin back in time to kill Sarah before they can stop it. Kyle Reese, who is in love with Sarah, volunteers to go back in time and save her. As John sends Kyle back, he witnesses Resistance soldier Alex attacking John and suddenly gains memories of a new timeline where he is visited by Sarah and receives the message that "Genisys is Skynet" and that it can be stopped in 2017 before it comes online.

The Battle

As in the original timeline, the T-800 arrives in 1984 and makes its way to a group of punks where it demands their clothes. However, it is interrupted by another, older T-800 who announces it has been waiting for the other Terminator. The older Terminator, Guardian, engages the assassin Terminator with a shotgun. While Guardian is able to damage the T-800's facial skin layer, it is unable to significantly damage the other Terminator and the two Terminators fight in hand-to-hand combat. The T-800 overpowers Guardian, but before it can destroy its rival, it is ironically disabled by its target Sarah Connor, who shoots it with a .50 caliber sniper rifle round in its power core, disabling it.

Simultaenously, Kyle Reese arrives in 1984 and steals the pants off a homeless man. He is approached by a cop whose gun he steals and demands to know when he is. The cop reveals himself to be a T-1000 and Kyle shoots it repeatedly, stunning it long enough for him to escape to a clothing store. In a montage again replicated from The Terminator, Kyle steals clothes and hides as the T-1000 stalks him. Kyle is arrested by two patrol officers, Harding and O'Brian, but Harding is killed by the T-1000. Kyle get O'Brian to release him, but is unable to defeat the T-1000. Before the cyborg can finish him, it is suddenly hit by a truck driven by Sarah Connor. Kyle flees with Sarah, neither of them knowing that the T-1000 managed to attach a piece of mimetic polyalloy to the truck which will allow it to track them.

Kyle is stunned by Sarah not being the weak waitress he expected and she explains that the timeline he was coming to no longer exists. She tells him that "we" stopped the T-800 and shows him its deactivated body, but he is stunned to see Guardian. Believing him to be an enemy, Kyle tries to shoot him with Sarah's sniper rifle, but after a near-car crash, Guardian knocks him out. After Kyle wakes up, the two explain that Guardian had been sent back to 1973 by an unknown party to protect her from a T-1000 and they had been preparing ever since. Guardian notices the polyalloy and shoots it off, but soon they come under attack the T-1000 who comes after them in a police car, shooting at him. The two return fire so the T-1000 climbs on the hood and jumps towards the truck, shifting its arms into blades and stabbing them into the side of the truck despite the two's attempts to stop it. Sarah manages to blow off the end of one of the T-1000's blades, sending it back onto its police car; Kyle blows up the vehicle with a grenade launcher, incapacitating it, though it quickly reforms.

The three drive to an abandoned factory where Sarah and Guardian reveal they have a plan. The T-1000 attacks, pinning Guardian to a wall with a metal pole and reactivating the T-800 to deal with Kyle using a drop of mimetic polyalloy. Kyle battles the T-800, quickly destroying its skin sheath with a grenade launcher, but failing to destroy it. Kyle tries using Sarah's sniper rifle, but misses and is blasted down a hole by the force, losing the gun in the process. Kyle crawls under a raised portion of the floor, chased by the T-800 who repeatedly tries to grab him. Kyle eventually manages to evade the T-800 and retrieve the sniper rifle. As the T-800 attacks again, Kyle blasts off its head with the rifle, decapitating the Terminator this time.

At the same time, the T-1000 chases Sarah into some tunnels where acid drips on her, forcing her to discard her jacket, and she neutralizes it with a compound. She is then confronted by two Kyle Reese's, one of them the T-1000 trying to confuse her. Finally, to figure it out, she shoots one in the foot. It proves to be the T-1000 and retains its normal shape. As Sarah and the real Kyle flee into a nearby tunnel, Sarah shoots the overhead pipes which are full of acid and begins dissolving the T-1000 and abandoned Sarah's jacket. Badly damaged, the T-1000 manages to reach Sarah in the tunnel and starts strangling her, but Guardian appears and holds the T-1000 under the acid which dissolves it into nothing. Guardian's flesh coating on his arm is destroyed, but he is not seriously damaged.


With the two enemy Terminators deactivated, Sarah and Guardian dissolve the T-800's remains in acid, preventing it from being used to create Skynet and delaying Judgment Day. They then reveal their plan to use their makeshift time machine to go forward to 1997 to stop Judgment Day. With the T-800's CPU, they now have the final piece they need. Remembering the message his self in the new timeline received, Kyle convinces the two to go to 2017 instead. Kyle and Sarah travel forward using the machine while Guardian remains behind to "take the long way" and prepare for their arrival as with its flesh sheath damaged, it couldn't make the trip.