This page is about original attempt in the film The Terminator, for the other attempt targeted at 9-year-old Sarah Connor, see Assassination of Young Sarah Connor.

This page is about original attempt in the film The Terminator, for the alternate attempt targeted at Sarah Connor, see Assassination of Sarah Connor (Genisys).

The Assassination of Sarah Connor refers to the attempted assassination by a T-800 on Sarah Connor. This terminator was sent by Skynet in 2029. Kyle Reese was sent back as well by John Connor to protect his mother.

The BattleEdit

Once Reese had gone through, the time travel equipment would be destroyed leaving only Reese and the Terminator in 1984. After emerging from the time displacement sphere, at 1:52 AM on May 12, 1984, the naked Terminator encountered three punks roaming the streets and forcibly demanded their clothing. Arriving unarmed and not knowing what the Terminator looks like in its disguise, Reese tries to find Sarah Connor.At some unspecified time later, in the earlier hours of the morning, the terminator went to a gun shop to acquire weapons for its mission, including a .45 Long slide with laser sighting. The Terminator then checked a phonebook for a list of Sarah Connors and proceeded to kill Sarah Ann Connor and Sarah Louise Connor.


Sarah Connor as she is almost assassinated.

It finally tracked down the real Sarah Connor in Tech Noir, and almost succeeded in killing her, but Kyle helped Sarah escape. A car chase ensued and as it was going on, Kyle warned her of the impending doom of the human race and of the future significance carried by her and her unborn son. The Terminator commandeered a police car and chased Kyle and Sarah through the streets of Los Angeles. The L.A. police then came and arrested Kyle and Sarah. The terminator was injured in a car crash, damaging its arm and left eye. When it cut out the flesh eye and its cybernetic eye was revealed, the Terminator wore sunglasses to hide its features. Reese is interview by Peter Silberman and Kyle explains the future, and they all think he's crazy. The T-800 then went to the LAPD police station to terminate Sarah, and while it went on a shooting spree on police, it failed to eliminate Connor, as Kyle and Sarah escaped in a car, with the help of Ed Traxler. The two slept under a bridge that night

The next day, they got a room at the Tiki Motel. There, they built pipe bombs to attempt to destroy the terminator Reese and Sarah share a night of intimacy, in which her future son and human leader John Connor is conceived. The terminator later tracked down Sarah and Kyle at the Tiki Motel, but the two escaped. It then pursued them through a tunnel on a motorcycle. Reese threw many pipe bombs at the terminator, but kept missing. The Terminator lost its balance on its motorcycle and fell off onto the road. It skidded down the street until it went under a tractor trailer. It stole the truck and pursue Kyle and Sarah while they were on foot. Kyle threw a bomb in the truck's exhaust pipe, which caused it to explode.

But while the truck was destroyed, the Terminator was not. Its living tissue was burned away by the fire and its endoskeleton was revealed. It chased Kyle and Sarah into a factory. Kyle turns on all the equipment as cover while the Terminator batters its way through the door. After Sarah accidentally turns on a machine, their hiding place is discovered and the Terminator finds them. They run up some stair from the T-800 and Kyle hits it with a pole several times, while being injured. He gets struck down, and he stuck the last bomb into the terminator's endoskeleton; it was blown to pieces. The nearly-dead Reese reached for a pipe bomb and light it up, as he ran for cover. The terminator exploded except for its lower midsection. A short time later, after Sarah removes a piece of shrapnel from her leg, she went over to Kyle and found his dead body with his face covered with blood from the fight with the terminator and the shrapnel/debris from the explosion. The terminator was still functioning, without its legs and continued for Sarah on the ground. Sarah Connor finally destroyed the robot when she crushed it in a hydraulic press.


After the police and medics arrive after Sarah crushes the Terminator in a mechanical press, Sarah tearfully watched as Reese's dead body was zipped up in a body bag and taken away, and never seen again. Although Reese died not knowing Sarah was carrying his son that was his future commander, his strength and courage have Sarah enough for her to teach her unborn son for the pending future he will bring. The terminator's arm and CPU are found and research is done on them, furthering the creation of Skynet.

Sarah Connor later tried to destroy the Cyberdyne Systems building to prevent Judgment Day, but failed.


In a new timeline that was created when Skynet sent a T-1000 back to kill Sarah in 1973, Sarah was protected by her Guardian T-800 and trained. As a result, when the T-800 arrived to kill Sarah, it was confronted by the Guardian. In the fight that followed, the T-800 was terminated with a .50 caliber shot to its power cell by Sarah. It was later reactivated by the T-1000, but was shut down for good by Kyle Reese. The T-1000 was destroyed with acid and the body of the T-800 was dissolved as well, though its CPU was kept for Sarah and the Guardian's time machine.


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