The Assassination of Resistance Lieutenants refers to a T-X trying to terminate 22 Resistance fighters in 2004 including Robert Brewster, Kate Brewster, William Anderson, Elizabeth Anderson and Jose Barrera. It's primary objective was to find John Connor but as he couldn't be located due to being off the grid, the T-X carried on its mission to kill the Lieutenants. But once the T-X got a fix on John and Kate's location it decided to terminate them instead. It was sent in 2032. A T-850 was also sent, by Kate Brewster in 2032, to ensure the survival of John Connor and herself in 2004 from the T-X and Judgment Day.

The Battle[edit | edit source]

The T-X arrived in Los Angeles on the early morning of July 24. It robbed a rich woman of her car and mimicked her clothes, which were a red leather jacket, red leather pants and black leather boots. It stole a pistol from a cop who pulled her over. Afterwards, it went on to its mission. The T-X went to kill Jose Barrera, William and Elizabeth Anderson. The T-850 arrived shortly after. When it emerged from its time displacement sphere in Joshua Tree, California, it went to a club to acquire its clothing and then proceeded steal a truck and get sunglasses.

When the T-X was at the veterinarian clinic that Kate Brewster worked at to kill her, it found the blood of John Connor and terminating him then became its primary mission. The T-850 approached Connor and Brewster in a veterinarian clinic and had the two drive in a veterinarian pickup. The T-X reprogrammed cars of Los Angeles authorities that arrived at the clinic to go after John. It then drove in a crane to go after him. The T-850 acquired a motorcycle to pursue the T-X. A chase ensued and the T-850 got onto the crane flipped it over. The T-850 escaped with John and Kate in the pickup after he threw her out of the truck causing her to scrape her leather and made her sad when she was defeated. She was alive and was mad and left wearing her leather.

At a graveyard in Victorville, the three went to Sarah Connor's grave. The Terminator dropped her coffin to find weapons inside. When the police arrived, they got out and confronted the T-X, disguised as Scott Mason. The T-850 shot it with a rocket launcher, slowing it down. The T-X began to chase them in a hearse and jump on the roof. The T-X used its built in saw to cut through the roof. John shot at it with a machine gun and the terminator drove the car under a truck, making the T-X fall off.

Later, at a campsite, the terminator revealed that if the T-X failed to kill John and Kate, it would kill John's future officers as secondary targets, including Kate's father, Robert Brewster. While driving, the Terminator revealed that it was Katherine who sent the machine from the future, not John; the Terminator had killed John and then had been captured and reprogrammed by Kate.

In the Cyber Research Systems facility, the T-X went there and shot General Robert Brewster. The resistance team came as it was happening an the terminator shot the T-X into a vent. They took General Brewster and asked him for the Skynet core. He told them it was Crystal Peak and have them the information for it. The terminator battled with T-1s and HK-Drones along the way. It also fought the T-X in the hallways and bathrooms. The T-850 had its head almost removed and the T-X reprogrammed it to kill John. Controlled by the T-X, the T-850 began to attack John and Kate, but shut itself down to prevent itself from killing John.

John and Kate took a plane to Crystal Peak in attempt to stop Skynet. They went inside the facility and it had a blast door. They had the codes to enter in from General Brewster. As they were entering them in, the T-X came through the facility in a helicopter and went after them. Just then, The T-850 came in with an even bigger helicopter and slammed the T-X into the ground with the nose of the helicopter, heavily injuring it. The Terminator came out, and had about half of its living tissue ripped off. The T-X came out of the rubble and went after John and Kate who had just opened the door. It was then had an emergency shutdown. The T-850 go under it to allow John and Kate to craw through. As they were doing so, the T-X chased them on the ground and it was grabbed by the T-850 and it took its last power cell and jammed it into the T-X, destroying itself and the T-X. But, it was too late. Thanks with the help of the T-X and (unwillingly) General Brewster, Skynet became full aware and thought all humans were their "enemy", and initiated Judgment Day, despite John and Kate's efforts to prevent it once again. The world would then have to face The War Against the Machines.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Of the 22 to be killed, only 4 were seen being killed on screen. It is unknown if the T-X managed to kill the other 18.

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