The Assassination of John Connor refers to the attempted assassination by a T-1000 on John Connor in 1995 (or 1997 in the Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles). It was sent in 2029. A reprogrammed T-800 was sent by John Connor to protect his past self.

The Battle[edit | edit source]

T-800 arrived in Los Angeles in the early morning of June 8. It encountered a group of bikers, stealing one's clothing and another's sunglasses and shotgun. The T-1000 came shortly after and ambushed a police officer, took his handgun, and replicated his uniform. It went to John's foster house to look for him and later tracked John to a shopping mall. The T-800 also tracked down John Connor in a shopping mall. When it met the T-1000, a lengthy chase ensued, but the two managed to escape the T-1000. It chased John through a storm tunnel in a semi until the terminator destroyed the truck with it inside.

John and the terminator go to the Pescadero State Hospital to help free John's mother, Sarah Connor. The T-1000 also went to the Pescadero to kill Sarah Connor, but after a chase it is stopped by the Terminator. The three manage to go to a garage, and Sarah almost succeeds in killing the T-800, because it could have turned on them and killed them. But was stopped by John, who felt that it was needed.

The three go to Miles Dyson and all of them destroy the Cyberdyne Systems building (See Termination of Skynet (2nd attempt)), and temporilary prevent Skynet from being created and preventing Judgment Day, from happening in its original date, for now.

The T-1000 finally goes to the Cyberdyne building to kill John. Following a chase to a steel mill involving a liquid nitrogen truck, it was temporarily destroyed when it was frozen and then shattered with a gunshot by the T-800. It reformed itself in the shape of Sarah Connor, but John was not fooled and it was not able to kill him. It was permanently terminated when Sarah shot it with many shotgun shells and the terminator fired a grenade at it. It fell into a vat of hot liquid metal, shapeshifting into some of the people it killed through contact as it dissolved.

Aftermath[edit | edit source]

John throws in the arm and CPU they found at the Cyberdyne Building. The T-800 sacrificed itself because it said that it was "another chip."

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