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Alissa was the second I-950 Infiltrator created by Serena Burns in the past on her mission to ensure the creation of Skynet.


Alissa was created via parthenogenesis inside a captured human surrogate, who was terminated a few weeks after her birth. Her clone maturation proceeded at the normal parameters of I-950 development; however, she never completed the process. She was prematurely deployed after only achieving a physical appearance of 15 in an attempt to terminate Sarah Connor.

Alissa had the appearance of a 6-year-old human when she was only six months and two weeks.

Unlike her progenitor, who was trained in the future by Skynet and Luddite scientists, Alissa developed isolated in a Montana cabin, with only Series 800 Terminators and her creche-mate Clea Bennet for company.

Her mission parameters include overseeing her sister's projects, and serving as a checksum for the pair's plans in an attempt to counter any potential dissonance Clea's accelerated development may have had on her neurological function. Alissa also manufactured a new cybernetic organism by modifying one of Clea's Series 800 Terminators into what they dubbed a Watcher, for intelligence gathering purposes. Using one of the other Terminators to execute the harder physical labor, the limb matrices for the endoskeleton were shortened, additional melanin and a greater distribution of body hair was incorporated into the flesh development formula, resulting in a cyborg with the appearance of a squat Turkish wrestler.

One of Alissa's only interactions with humans during her maturation process occurred when she still appeared to be a young child, and was traveling in the company of three Series 800 Terminators while moving the Infiltrator's operations to another site. Pulling into a diner for food, she was accosted by a pedophile filmmaker, Clay Radcliff, who attempted to abduct her. Her cybernetic implants were able to overcome the chloroform Clay had attempted to abduct her with when she was isolated in the diner's bathroom and allowed her to terminate her assailant. When his partner Gil came in looking for him, she made short work of him as well before rejoining her squad of Terminators in the diner proper and continuing their journey.

The teenager stage of Alissa was terminated by Sarah Connor at Dieter von Rossbach's Estancia in Paraguay in a brutal one-on-one battle. Neither the stabbing right below the ribs, nor four 9mm rounds to the chest and abdomen slowed the Infiltrator in the least. It was momentarily disabled when her head was bashed repeatedly by an iron fireplace poker. Once it reanimated, Sarah unloaded an entire magazine of Rifled Shotgun slugs into its head, removing pretty much everything above the neck. Still able to reactivate, Sarah finished it off after reloading with buckshot and emptying the magazine yet again into what remained of the upper torso until no wires remained protruding from the neck, spine, and the corpse finally remained inert.



(as a waitress serves Alissa and three Terminators at Duffy's Diner, Utah)
The waitress: "What do you say?"
(no response)
The waitress: "What's the magic word?"
Alissa thinks: (This female has gone mad)
The waitress: (speaks slowly) "Thank you"
Alissa: (equally slowly) "You're welcome."
(the waitress walks off chuckling)