Alicia was the wife of an abusive man, living near Laredo, Texas. Her ex-husband beat her and even tried to kill her son, Mateo. Alicia met Carl a few months after his mission to kill John Connor in 1998. Though Alicia respected Carl's privacy and never asked about his past, Carl did tell her what he really was and what he had done. Alicia still chose him as her child's father and her husband.

After Sarah Connor, Dani Ramos and Grace came, Carl told her and Mateo to leave for a couple of days as his "past" had caught up with him because the place was no longer safe and that he was not coming back. Before leaving, Alicia talked to Sarah that she knew what Carl was and what he had done to Sarah. She told Sarah that Sarah was taking someone important to them away, and hoped she would bring him back. Sarah did not reply to her. Terminator: Dark Fate

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