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The AFJ-60, codename "Blaze", is the primary HK-Aerial model used by Skynet in the Genisys timeline. A Tier 1 starter aviation unit, the AFJ-60 is an airborne menace to Resistance assault and siege units. However, its air superiority is threatened by infantry and cavalry units.

The AFJ-60 can store a single Spider Tank on its underbelly for quick transportation.[1]

History[edit | edit source]

Several AFJ-60s were deployed to patrol the skies above the ruins of San Francisco, scanning for any surviving humans to be put into Skynet death camps. Some of them also participated in a counter-attack against the Resistance's California Offensive on a Skynet facility that housed Time Displacement Device, in Los Angeles, with some even deploying Spider Tanks to engage them below. A falling AFJ-60 dropped one of them in front of John Connor and Kyle Reese. After a brief battle, the Skynet Core in Colorado was destroyed, and all the machines were shut down, including the remaining AFJ-60s. Terminator Genisys

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • An early concept of the HK-Aerial deploying the Spider Tank depicts the Spider Tank being the front portion of the HK-Aerial.

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